Consumer products Solutions

Solutions For The Household Appliance Industry
Application Product Type Product Code Backing Total Thickness Introduction To Features
Display Screen Bonding  Double Sided Tissue Tape P3114H Tissue 140um Easy to die cut, flexible substrate
Evaporator Bonding  Double Sided Tissue Tape P3112A Tissue 120um High temperature resistance, good adhesion
Decorative Strip Bonding  Double Sided Tissue Tape P3115A Tissue 150um High bond strength on plastic surfaces
Vacuum Heat Shield Fixing Double Sided PE Foam Tape P3950 PE Foam 600um High temperature and high humidity
Fixation Of Moving Parts MOPP Strapping Tape P4807L MOPP 75um Regular adhesion, low elongation and residue-free removal
Nameplate Bonding  Double Sided Tissue Tape P3180G Tissue 80um higher initial tack