traceless magic tape no-nail glue

The traceless magic tape with adhesive hook is made of adhesive, foam, and plastic. The special foam material provides excellent stretchability to the adhesive tape, allowing for effortless use in various scenarios.

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The traceless magic tape with adhesive hook can be used for photo walls, picture frames, sofa cushions, socket fixation, car mat fixation, monitors, door curtains, router fixation, and more. It allows you to enjoy a seamless and convenient lifestyle.


Test items Typical value Unit Test method
Color white - Visual inspection
Type of glue acrylic - -
Base material velcro - -
Total thickness 0.1 mm ASTM D-3652
Peel strength(180°) 10(8) N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-1000
Tensile strength 10(40) N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-1000



Leaves no marks on the wall

The traceless magic tape with adhesive hook ensures that your pristine walls remain free from any marks and will not

cause any damage. After use, when removed, it always leaves your walls clean and tidy, making it your loyal companion

for wall maintenance.



can be repeatedly opened and closed


The traceless magic tape with adhesive hook incorporates a special material magic tape that is reusable, giving you

more options. The interlocking design of the magic tape allows for easy detachment, enabling you to effortlessly use

different styles of picture frames or photos.

easy to tear;not easily coming off

The traceless magic tape with adhesive hook has a remarkably strong load-bearing capacity and provides excellent

stability. Both sides of the magic tape can be firmly adhered to each other, and it will not be damaged even after being

torn apart thousands of times.



Different Velcro styles



The traceless magic tape with adhesive hook is suitable for various wall surfaces, such as metal, wooden panels,

glass, tiles, latex paint, and other smooth surfaces.



Use Methods

1.Clean the surface where the picture needs to be hung using a clean towel or tissue paper. (Please do not use any cleaning agents.)

2. Combine two pieces of hook and loop fasteners, aligning the hooks and loops, and press them firmly together.


1.Remove the release liner and apply it to the back of the item, pressing firmly.

2.Remove the other side of the release liner and press the item against the wall for at least 10 seconds.


1.Take off the frame and press it firmly for another 10 seconds.

2.Let it rest undisturbed for 24 hours to allow the adhesive and the wall surface to bond effectively.


1.Hang the frame or other items back in place, and it's ready for use.


Different sizes to suit your use




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