You-san New Energy Solutions

New Energy Battery Industry Solutions
Application Product Type Product Code Backing Total Thickness Introduction To Features
Nameplate Bonding  Double Sided Tissue   Tape P3108G Tissue 80um higher initial tack
Frame Buffer PU Foam P5240 PU Foam 400um Good cushioning and sealing
Battery Pack Upper Cover Silicone Foam P57100 Silicone Foam 1000um High temperature resistance, fire prevention, cushioning and shock absorption, sound insulation
Battery Pack Seal Waterproof Foam Tape P5315B PE Foam 150um Waterproof, strong viscosity, good shock resistance
Cell Termination Termination Tape P22030 PET 30um Excellent electrolyte resistance, high electrical insulation, good adhesion
Core lug Pole Ear Tape P0106A PI 60um Good breakdown resistance, electrolyte resistance
Appearance Protection Of Electric Core BOPP Protective Film P4505A6 BOPP 50um Little change over time, no glue residue
Battery Bundling Filament tape P1212 PET Composite Fiber 120um Reinforced fiber, better tensile strength, better wear resistance, good adhesion, no glue residue
Component Paste Flame Retardant Tissue
Double-Sided Tape
P3113F Tissue 130um Flame retardant (MS300-8), good bonding effect
PACK Insulation PACK High Temperature Tape P0106 PI 60um High insulation, voltage resistance, high temperature resistance
PACK Insulation Mylar Tape P16055 PET 55um Good insulation performance, good flame retardant effect, solvent resistance
Flash Hider Aerogel Insulation Film P8720 Aerogel Insulation Film 200um Excellent thermal insulation
Lithium Battery Diaphragm Lithium Battery Diaphragm P92022 PP 22um High strength, Total Thickness[um] & good air permeability consistency, high puncture strength, high battery safety, thin dry-process film, taking into account energy density and cost advantages
Core Group Insulation Nomex Paper Tape P9809 Nomex 90um Flame retardant, fireproof, high pressure resistant
Liquid Injection And Edge Sealing Of Electric Core Making Tape P1710 Washi 100um Good edge banding effect, high temperature resistance, good fit
Solar Module Packaging EVA Thin-Film Photovoltaics P9300E EVA 390~560g Effectively prevent the risk of PID in components, superior weather resistance, excellent retention of adhesive performance after aging
Solar Module Packaging EPE Thin-Film Photovoltaics P9300EP EVA+POE+EVA 390~560g Long-term double-sided cell anti-PID, excellent bonding performance, light transmission performance and long-term weather resistance
Solar Module Packaging POE Thin-Film Photovoltaics P9300P POE 390~560g Low water vapor transmission rate, excellent anti-PID performance, high insulation, fast crosslinking speed, high adhesion to glass, metal, polymer backplane and other materials, and can maintain long-term adhesion, excellent UV resistance and High temperature and high humidity resistance

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