Biodegradable Tape

Biodegradable Tape is made from recycled fiber as the substrate and coated with natural rubber. It has characteristics such as degradable recycling, green environmental protection, and strong adhesion.

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1.In the healthcare industry:packaging is a crucial element. For patients with longer recovery periods, environmentally friendly materials like biodegradable tape are essential. This type of tape not only has low toxicity, but it also helps reduce waste and minimize environmental pollution.

2.With the gradual maturity of the e-commerce market, the logistics industry has also experienced rapid development. This has resulted in a large number of packaging boxes, tapes, and other items, which is a traditional challenge for the network. Biodegradable tape can replace traditional plastic tape and solve this problem, while also reducing environmental pollution.

3.Composting: Some biodegradable tapes are specifically designed to be compostable. These tapes can be used in environments where composting is practiced, such as in certain packaging applications or for securing compostable bags.

4.Packaging: Biodegradable tape is often used for sealing and securing packages. Whether it's for shipping boxes, packaging materials, or other items, these tapes provide a sustainable alternative to traditional tapes.


Test items Typical value Unit Test method
Color Transparent - Visual inspection
Type of glue Natural rubber - -
Base material Regenerated fiber - -
Total thickness 0.06 mm ASTM D-3652
Peel strength180°) 20(8) N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-1000
Tensile strength 100(40) N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-1000
Elongation 25 % ASTM D-1000
Long term service temperature 50 GB∕T 32368-2015
Short term service temperature 75 GB∕T 32368-2015


1. Product Features

The impact of biodegradable tape on the environment is practically non-existent. Over time, it will break down into natural components.

2.Degradable recycling

Biodegradable tape is highly stretchable without breaking, making it suitable for a wider range of harmless tasks.

3.High tensile strength

Made from rubber and natural fibers, it has excellent adhesive properties, three times stronger than common packaging tape, making it a great substitute for traditional tape in terms of both functionality and cost-effectiveness for securing and sealing.

Product specifications

  • 48mm*100m
  • 60mm*100m
  • 780mm*4000m
  • Other customization

It is recommended to store them in a clean and dry place to prevent package damage and volatile solvents. The storage temperature is 4~26 ℃, and the humidity is 40~50%.

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