Car Painting Masking Paper Tape and Automotive Tape

P1731 is a functional adhesive tape made of high-performance textured paper and coated with rubber. The utility model has the advantages of good fitting performance, suitable for fitting various low surface energy materials, high paper elongation, suitable for fitting curved surfaces, etc..

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1.Paint and spray paint for indoor decoration

2.Wrap and fix light objects

3.Lint removal and packaging


Test items Typical value Unit Test method
color Dark yellow - Visual inspection
Type of glue Rubber - -
Base material Masking paper - -
Total thickness 0.155 mm ASTM D-3652
Peel strength180°) 7.5(3) N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-3330
Tensile strength 65(26) N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-3759
elongation 7 % ASTM D-3759
Temperature resistance 80℃ 30min - GB∕T 32368-2015


Masking tape P1731 is mainly used to protect areas that do not need to be sprayed during the spraying process to prevent paint from splashing into these areas, thereby ensuring that the spraying effect is neat and beautiful.


The characteristics of masking tape are as follows:

1.Excellent adhesion: It can be firmly adhered to the surface of the car, effectively preventing paint from penetrating, and will not leave any residual glue when removed.

2.Temperature resistance: Masking tape can withstand high temperatures without deforming or losing its stickiness during the spraying process.

3.Easy to remove: After you finish spraying, the masking tape can be easily removed without leaving traces or damaging the car surface.

4.Environmentally friendly: You-san's masking tape is made of environmentally friendly materials and is environmentally friendly.


When you use masking tape for car painting, You-san recommends that you pay attention to the following points:

1.Choose the appropriate size: Measure the size of the car cover in advance, and select the appropriate masking tape according to the length and width of the tape to ensure that it can effectively cover the area that needs to be protected.

2.Clean the car surface: Before applying the masking tape, make sure the car surface is clean, dry, and free of oil and dust to improve the adhesive effect of the tape and facilitate quick completion of spraying.

3.Press evenly: When applying the tape, press evenly with your fingers or tools to ensure that the tape fits tightly with the car surface.

4.Avoid repeated pasting: Try to avoid pasting and removing masking tape repeatedly in the same location, which will leave some marks on the car surface.


P1731 masking tape has wider applications in the field of automobile manufacturing and maintenance, mainly involving the following aspects:

1.Car spray paint protection: During car spray painting operations, masking tape is used to cover areas that do not need to be sprayed, such as car windows, door handles, car logos, etc., to prevent paint from splashing onto these parts. This helps ensure that the spray area is neat and the overall effect is perfect.

2.Car body repair and modification: During the car repair or modification process, masking tape is used to protect other parts of the car body from damage when grinding, cutting or installing new parts. It provides a barrier around the work area, ensuring that repairs or modifications donot cause unnecessary scratches or stains on the bodywork.

3.Pasting of body lines and logos: Masking tape can also be used to paste temporary body lines or logos, such as racing numbers, advertising slogans, etc. These tapes can be easily applied and subsequently removed without causing long-term damage to the bodywork.

4.Interior protection: During the repair or modification process of car interiors, masking tape can also be used to protect seats, dashboards and other areas to prevent paint, glue or other chemicals from causing damage to these parts.

5.Auto parts manufacturing: In the manufacturing process of auto parts, masking tape can be used to fix parts, mark processing areas, or protect part surfaces to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality.


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