EPDM foam tape

with a density of 140±10kg/m3. It is made of foam with single-sided fiber and double-sided tape. With excellent waterproof performance and weather resistance, the closed-cell structure effectively prevents liquid penetration. It is widely used in many fields such as building waterproofing, industrial sealing, automotive parts sealing, etc. It is an ideal choice for solving your waterproofing, sealing and bonding needs.

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1.Building waterproofing: Suitable for waterproofing projects on roofs, basements, walls and other buildings

2.Industrial Sealing: Can be used to waterproof and seal industrial equipment, pipes and seals.

3.Automotive field: Used for sealing and waterproofing of automotive parts, such as doors, sunroofs, etc.

4.Other Applications: Due to its versatility and stability, it can also be used in other applications where waterproofing and sealing are required.


Test items Test method Unit P58400B
Color Visual inspection - black
Type of glue - - Hot melt adhesive
Base material - - EPDM
Total thickness ASTM D-3652 mm 4.0
Peel strength(SUS,20min)(180°) ASTM D-3330 N/inch 40
Room temperature retention PSTC-7 h ≥500
Tensile strength ASTM D-1000 N/inch 300
 Elongation at break ASTM D-1000 % 5
Foam density ASTM D3574 g/cm³ 0.14
Compression deformation - % ≤30



Excellent waterproof performance, suitable for a variety of climate conditions

Has good adhesion

Good tensile strength and wear resistance

Product specifications

  • 1000mm*10m
  • Other customization

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