high strength fiberglass filament tape

P1214D high strength fiberglass filament tape Also known as industrial grade fiberglass tape (filament tape) ,uses polyester food packaging material film glass fiber as the substrate, milky white high-strength unidirectional dense fiber tape, special adhesive, with fragrance, suitable for steel cable structure bundling and special packaging fixation requirements. This is a milky white, fragrant, and high-strength fiber tape. Glass fiber fibers give this tape better tensile strength than ordinary tape. It uses an improved synthetic rubber formula to better bind steel cable structures and special packaging components during production and transportation. It has strong wear resistance, impact resistance, and high retention.

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1.Household appliances wrapped and fixed

2.Steel cable structure bundling

3.Packaging fixation with special requirements

4.Furniture handling and fixation

5.Sealing of heavy carton

6.Safe transportation and fixation of electrical appliances

7.Fixation of coiled material end

8.Binding and fixing of lithium battery



Test items Typical value Unit Test method
Color Milk white - Visual inspection
Type of glue Synthetic rubber - -
Total thickness 0.14 mm ASTM D-3652
Peel strength90°) 26 N/inch ASTM D-3330
Peel strength180°) 27 N/inch ASTM D-3330
Retentive force ≥48 h ASTM D-3654
Tensile strength 950 N/inch ASTM D-3759
Elongation 3月5日 % ASTM D-3759
Peel strength(180°) 25 N/inch ASTM D-3330
High temperature 70 DHG-9055A
Low temperature -5 BC/BD-220SE



1.Medium strength fiber with good tensile strength

2.Good abrasion resistance and impact resistance

3.Unique modified synthetic rubber formula, good adhesion, can fit on the metal surface with a small amount of greasy dirt

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