Yellow paper transparent PET double sided tape

Double Sided PET tape is made of PET film as the base material and coated with special acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. It has excellent adhesion, good Initial Tack and stickiness, good high humidity resistance, excellent aging resistance, excellent high and low temperature shear resistance, strong Tensile Strength and other characteristics.

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1. Used for pasting of backlight modules, fixing and pasting of electronic and electrical components, dust-proof nets, LED reflection molds and other parts.

2. Bonding and fixing of nameplates and membrane switches in the home appliance industry.

3. Paste and fix FPC.

4. Paste and fix the internal structure of OLED.

5. The module is fixed by pasting the protective film.

6. Temporary fixing and pasting of mobile phone parts.

7. Paste the graphite sheet inside the mobile phone.

8. Paste and fix the rubber feet.

9. Paste the sprayed board on the mesh surface of the microwave oven door.


Product Code Color Total Thickness [um] Backing [mm] Adhesive Initial Tack
180°Peel Strength
Long-Term Temperature Resistance [℃] Short-Term Temperature Resistance [℃]
P3203G Transparent 30 0.012 Acrylic ≤150 ≥7 ≥24 80 120
P3205G Transparent 50 0.012 Acrylic ≤150 ≥8 ≥24 80 120
P3208G Transparent 80 0.012 Acrylic ≤120 ≥10 ≥24 80 120
P3210G Transparent 100 0.025 Acrylic ≤100 ≥12 ≥24 80 120
P3213G Transparent 125 0.025 Acrylic ≤100 ≥14 ≥24 80 120
P3216G Transparent 160 0.025 Acrylic ≤100 ≥15 ≥24 80 120
P3220G Transparent 205 0.025 Acrylic ≤100 ≥17 ≥24 80 120


Application scenarios
1. Electronic product manufacturing and assembly: In the manufacturing process of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, Double Sided PET Tape is widely used for bonding the screen to the body, fixing internal parts, and shock-proof buffering. Its high adhesion, weather resistance and insulation properties ensure the stability and safety of the device.
2. Automotive industry: In automobile manufacturing, Double Sided PET Tape can be used for fixing interior and exterior automotive trim parts, pasting sound insulation materials, bundling wiring harnesses, etc. Its excellent high temperature resistance, weather resistance and good peel strength enable the tape to maintain stable performance in the harsh working environment of automobiles.
3. Home decoration and repair: In home decoration, Double Sided PET Tape can be used to paste wallpaper, ceramic tiles, glass and other decorative materials to provide a strong bonding effect. At the same time, it can also be used for small repairs in daily life, such as filling gaps, fixing cables, etc.
4. Advertising and display: In advertising production and display, Double Sided PET Tape can be used for the production of models and display boards, as well as the fixing and pasting of various displays. Its good transparency and adhesion make the display more beautiful and stable.

Double Sided PET Tape uses polyester (PET) film as the base material and is coated with strong pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. PET material has excellent insulation, high temperature resistance, weather resistance and chemical stability, allowing the tape to maintain stable performance in various harsh environments.

Size and color

Double Sided PET Tape comes in various sizes and specifications and can be customized according to needs. Common width specifications include 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, etc., and the length can be cut according to specific application scenarios. In terms of thickness, the thickness of the tape varies depending on the usage scenario. Common thicknesses include 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.15mm, etc.

Color, Double Sided PET Tape is usually based on transparent color. This color is simple and practical, and can clearly show the original appearance of the object being pasted. At the same time, in order to meet the personalized needs of different customers, we also provide other color options, such as white, black, etc.

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