butyl rubber waterproof tape

P3701 butyl rubber waterproof sealing tape is an environmentally friendly, solvent-free sealing adhesive material that uses butyl rubber and polyisobutylene as the main raw materials, and is manufactured through a special production formula and a mixture of polymer materials. Its production process adopts special technology to ensure that the product has excellent mechanical properties, stable chemical properties and reliable application performance.

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  1. Roof waterproofing, underground waterproofing, and waterproofing of structural construction joints in new projects
  2. Sealing and waterproofing treatment of construction joints of subway tunnel structures in municipal projects
  3. Airtightness, waterproofness and shock absorption at the joints of colored profiled boards
  4. Bonding and sealing treatment in automotive assembly
  5. Waterproofing and sealing treatment of joints during steel structure construction
  6. Composite aluminum foil butyl tape is suitable for waterproof sealing of various civil roofs, color steel, steel structures, waterproof membranes, PC boards, etc.


Test items Test method Unit  Typical value
Color Visual inspection - gray, black, white
Type of glue - - butyl rubber
Total thickness mm 0.5-5
Peel strengthSUS20min)(180°) ASTM D-3330 N/inch 5
Heat resistance80°,2H - - No fowing ,no crack

no deformation

Low temperature resistance(-40°) - - No crack


Excellent mechanical properties: high bonding strength and tensile strength, excellent elasticity and elongation properties, adaptable to interface deformation and cracking

Excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance, superior adhesion, waterproofing, sealing and low temperature resistance

Weather resistance and aging resistance: excellent weather resistance, strong UV resistance, long life, and the service life can reach more than 20 years

Environmentally friendly solvent-free: produced using environmentally friendly solvent-free, does not contain toxic substances and does not emit toxic gases

Simple construction: simple operation process, convenient and quick construction


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