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The perfect combination of elegance and practicality, Fashion Tape anti-glare patch uses medical-grade glue to provide you with a more secure and efficient wearing experience. Whether it is an important occasion or daily wear, this Fashion Tape can easily solve your dressing embarrassments and make your outfit more perfect.

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1. The neckline, skirt or side slit of a dress
2. Shoulders or necklines of off-shoulder tops
3. Waist or back of tights
4. Behind the waist or inside the waistband


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Material Soft, breathable, sticky fabric
size width:1.2cm/1.8cm/2cm/customized
color transparent
sticky high viscosity,long-lasting and does not fall off
breathability good
application area shoulders,chest,waist,etc,
precautions people with skin allergies should use with caution and avoid using on wonds.
packaging cistomized


Double Sided Body Tape for Clothes, Dress, Pants, Transparent All Day Strength Clothing Tape for Skin

1.Medical-grade glue: Using medical-grade glue, it has undergone strict safety testing and certification to ensure it is non-irritating and non-toxic to the skin, protecting your health.
2.High viscosity: The glue has strong viscosity and can be firmly adhered to clothes and skin, and will not fall off easily, allowing you to enjoy fashion while also having peace of mind.
3.Soft and breathable: The material is soft, fits the skin, and has good breathability, making you feel comfortable and natural when wearing it.
Multi-purpose: suitable for shoulders, chest, waist and other parts, can be freely cut and adjusted as needed.
4.Skin tone/transparent design: The skin color or transparent design is similar to the skin color and is not easily noticeable, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind while remaining elegant.
5.Independent small packaging: easy to carry and respond to emergencies anytime and anywhere.

fashion tape

1. For dresses with low-cut or V-neck designs, Fashion Tape can be attached to the inside of the neckline to ensure that the neckline is not too low and exposed. For dresses with long skirts or slits on the sides, Fashion Tape can be attached to the inside of the skirt or both sides of the slit to prevent the skirt from being blown up by the wind or accidentally swinging when walking.
2. Attach Fashion Tape to the inside of the shoulders or under the neckline of a strapless top, which can effectively fix the clothing and prevent the shoulders from slipping or the neckline being too low, causing exposure.
3. For tights or tight dresses, Fashion Tape can be attached to the waist or back to provide additional support to the clothing, ensuring that the clothing fits the body curves better while preventing the clothing from sliding or leaking during activities.
4. For low-waisted pants or low-waisted skirts, Fashion Tape can be attached to the back of the waist or inside the waistband to effectively fix the clothing and prevent the pants from sliding down or leaking.

fashion tape

Custom packaging services:
To make your Fashion Tape more unique, we provide customized packaging services. You can choose different colors, patterns, text and other elements to create your own personalized packaging. Whether it is given as a gift or for personal use, it can show your unique taste.


Clean the skin and clothing surfaces to be applied and make sure they are dry and free of grease.
Take the desired Fashion Tape length from the custom packaging.
Gently peel off the protective film on the back and stick the Fashion Tape on the inside of the clothing or skin that needs to be fixed.
Press gently for a few seconds to ensure the Fashion Tape is firmly attached to clothing and skin.

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