P3210AB double-sided tape substitute 3m9731

P3210AB double-sided tape is a PET double-sided tape made from PET as the substrate, with one side being silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and the other side being acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. It is specifically used for pasting silicone rubber products.

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Silicone rubber products, coated with silicone surfaces, non polar materials, and foam adhesive fixation.

Typical applications:

1.Adhesion of silicone rubber foot pads and silicone rubber gaskets.

2.Adhesive fixation of silicone tape, silicone bracket, and silicone bracelet.

3.Paste conductive silica gel, medical silica gel, foam silica gel and molding silica gel.

4.Adhesive fixation of silicone toys, silicone buttons, and silicone sealing rings.

5.The adhesion of low surface energy materials (such as PP, PE, etc.).

6.Foam products with adhesive backing.


Test items Test method Unit P3213AB
Color Visual inspection - translucent
Type of glue 1 - - Acrylate adhesive
Release material 1 - - Release paper
Type of glue 2 - - Silicone  adhesive
Release material 2 - - Fluoride release membrane
Base material - - PET
Base thickness ASTM D-3652 mm 0.025
Total thickness ASTM D-3652 mm 0.1
180°Peel strengthAcrylate adhesive GB/T2792-2014 N/inch ≥15
180°Peel strengthSilicone  adhesive GB/T2792-2014 N/inch ≥10
Room temperature retention(Acrylate adhesive) GB/T4851-1998 h ≥24
Room temperature retentionSilicone  adhesive) GB/T4851-1998 h ≥24
Initial adhesion force (Acrylate adhesive) GB/T4852-2002 # ≥3
Initial adhesion force (Silicone  adhesive) GB/T4852-2002 # ≥6
Long term temperature resistance GB∕T 4851-2014 100
Short term temperature resistance GB∕T 4851-2014 120


Product Features

1.Silicone surface has high adhesion to silicon-containing surfaces

2.The silicone surface has good adhesion to non-polar materials

3.Acrylates have high adhesion to various materials

4.Good die-cutting performance

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