Double sided Flame retardant Tissue Tape

P3110F flame-retardant double-sided tape is made of Tissue as the base material, evenly coated on both sides with high-performance flame-retardant acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then compounded with release paper.

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Suitable for flame retardant adhesive technology in the new energy vehicle industry.

Used for battery fire protection, EVA, EPDM bonding, sound-absorbing cotton bonding

Membrane switch circuit pasting

Various fire protection needs such as pasting and fixing of foam pads for electronic components.


Test items Test method Unit P3205F
Color Visual inspection - White
Type of glue - - Flame retardant acrylic adhesive
Release material - - Release paper
Base material - - TISSUE
Total thickness ASTM D-3652 mm 0.10
Flame retardant standards UL94 N/A VTM-0
180°Peel strengthSUS20min GB/T2792-2014 N/inch 10
Static shear force


GB/T4851-2014 min ≥30
Long term temperature resistance GB∕T 4851-2014 80
Short term temperature resistance GB∕T 4851-2014 120


 Product Features

1.Has a strong flame retardant rating

2.Has strong adhesion

3.Better adhesion to a variety of materials

4.Good die-cutting performance

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