Double Sided PE Foam Tape

Double Sided PE Foam Tape is made of PE foam as the base material, double-sided coated with high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and composite release film/release paper. It has excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, cushioning, sealing and superior adhesion.

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1. Electronic industry: mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, mechanical panels, membrane switches, AR glasses
2. Automobile industry: Appearance decorative strips, auto parts, auto logos, auto ornaments
3. Home furnishing industry: hooks, furniture, toys, handicrafts


Product Code
Technical Parameter
P3930 P3950 P3980 P39100 P39120 P39150 P39200 P39300
Color Grey, Black, White
Total Thickness[mm] 0.3 0.5 0.8 1 1.2 1.5 2 3
Backing PE Foam
Adhesive Acrylic
180°Peel Strength[N/inch] 16 16 18 18 18 20 20 20
Retentivity[hour] ≥24
Long-Term Temperature  Resistance[℃] 40
Short-Term Temperature  Resistance[℃] 60


Double Sided PE Foam Tape, or polyethylene foam tape, is a foam tape made of polyethylene as the base material through a foaming process. It is light, soft and elastic, and also has excellent adhesion properties and good sealing properties. PE Foam Tape has a flat surface and is easy to cut. It can be customized according to different needs and is convenient for use in various occasions.

Application scenarios
1. Construction and decoration industry: In the construction and decoration industry, PE Foam Tape is often used to fill gaps in doors and windows, fix decorative panels, etc., and play the role of sound insulation, heat insulation and sealing.
2. Electronics and electrical appliances industry: In the field of electronics and electrical appliances, this tape can be used to fix circuit boards, components, wiring harnesses, etc., providing good insulation and shock-proof effects.
3. Automotive industry: PE Foam Tape plays an important role in automobile manufacturing and repair. It can be used to fill gaps in the car body, fix interior parts, etc., to improve the comfort and sealing of the vehicle.
4. Packaging industry: In the packaging field, this tape can be used to fix and protect products to prevent collision and friction during transportation.
5. Daily maintenance and DIY: In maintenance and DIY activities at home and office, PE Foam Tape can also be used for pasting posters, repairing furniture, sealing pipes, etc.

Size and color
PE Foam Tape comes in various sizes, with thickness usually ranging from a few millimeters to tens of millimeters, and the length and width can also be customized according to customer needs. Common width specifications include 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc., and the length can be cut according to actual needs.

Color, PE Foam Tape is usually mainly white and black, these two colors can meet the needs in most application scenarios. We can also provide other color options such as grey, blue, red, etc. to meet the decoration or signage needs of specific occasions.

Specification data

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