PET green thermal decomposition adhesive protective film

PET green thermal decomposition adhesive protective film is made from high-performance PET film as the substrate and coated with special thermosensitive acrylic adhesive. This thermal decomposition adhesive film has adhesive strength at room temperature, and can be easily peeled off by heating and the adhesive strength disappears; To achieve automation and save manpower in various manufacturing processes of electronic components, simplify manufacturing to save manpower, and simplify the manufacturing process..

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1.Temporary fixation of electronic components to avoid scratches and damage to the product

2.Exquisite and fragile chip processing; Positioning and cutting of MLCC chip capacitors and chip inductors in the manufacturing process

3.Semiconductor chip surface processing; Manufacturing and processing engineering of electronic and optoelectronic industry components

4.Perform wafer cutting or substrate cutting for semiconductor wafer factories; Back grinding; Protective film used in the thinning process to protect surface circuits

5.LCD and TP touch panel glass thinning, grinding and polishing

6.LED cutting, grinding and polishing; Thin Grinding Process for Sapphire Substrates

7.Copper substrate graphene transfer printing and nanocarbon tube transfer printing can replace UV blue film for use


Test items Typical value Unit Test method
Color Green - Visual inspection
Type of glue acrylic adhesive - -
Base material PET - -
Base material 0.100 mm ASTM D-3652
Total thickness 0.150 mm ASTM D-3652
Adhesive force for pasting steel plates 80 g/25mm ASTM D-3330
Suggested heat release temperature (with steel sheet) Complete debonding 150℃*3Min ASTM D-3759


Product Features

1.Has adhesive strength at room temperature

2.Heating and disappearance of adhesive force

3.Easy to peel off after heating

4.During peeling, there is no residue of adhesive and it will not cause damage to the adhesive body

5.Non stick knife edge

Specification data

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