Ultra-thin PET double-sided tape

Double Sided PET tape is made of PET film as the base material and coated with special acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. It has excellent adhesion, good Initial Tack and stickiness, good high humidity resistance, excellent aging resistance, excellent high and low temperature shear resistance, strong Tensile Strength and other characteristics.

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1. Used for pasting of backlight modules, fixing and pasting of electronic and electrical components, dust-proof nets, LED reflection molds and other parts.

2. Bonding and fixing of nameplates and membrane switches in the home appliance industry.

3. Paste and fix FPC.

4. Paste and fix the internal structure of OLED.

5. The module is fixed by pasting the protective film.

6. Temporary fixing and pasting of mobile phone parts.

7. Paste the graphite sheet inside the mobile phone.

8. Paste and fix the rubber feet.

9. Paste the sprayed board on the mesh surface of the microwave oven door.


Color Total Thickness [um] Backing [mm] Adhesive Initial Tack
180°Peel Strength
Long-Term Temperature Resistance [℃] Short-Term Temperature Resistance [℃]
Transparent 10 0.002 Acrylic ≤100 A&B10 ≥24 80 120
Transparent 20 0.0045 Acrylic ≤100 A&B12 ≥24 80 120
Transparent 30 0.006 Acrylic ≤100 A&B13 ≥24 80 120
Transparent 50 0.012 Acrylic ≤100 A&B15 ≥24 80 120
Transparent 100 0.012 Acrylic ≤100 A&B20 ≥24 80 120


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