Double-sided Water-soluable Tissue Tape

P3110WS tissue paper double-sided tape is an industrial adhesive tape made of tissue paper as the base material, evenly coated with high-performance water-soluble glue on both sides, and compounded with release paper.

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This product is mainly used in the paper industry, textile industry, medical and health fields, etc. It is soluble in water and will not cause pollution to paper and equipment.

Typical Applications:

1.Paper lapping for the paper and printing industry

2.Used to temporarily secure fabrics and other materials.

3.Medical bandages and disposable medical supplies.


Test items Test method Unit P3110WS
Color Visual inspection - translucent
Type of glue - - Acrylate adhesive
Release material - - Release paper
Base material - - tissue
Total thickness ASTM D-3652 mm 0.1
180°Peel strengthSUS20min GB/T2792-2014 N/inch ≥14
Room temperature retention GB/T4851-1998 min ≥5000
Initial adhesion force (8 # ball) GB/T4852-2002 mm ≤100
Long term temperature resistance GB∕T 4851-2014 80
Short term temperature resistance GB∕T 4851-2014 120


Product Features

1.Good water solubility, high peeling force and stable viscosity.

2.Good initial tack, good weather resistance, no glue spillage.

3.It has good adhesion to paper, plastic, cloth and other materials.

Product specifications


2.Other customization

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