Thermal Spray tape Double Sided Glass Cloth Tape

P0828 is a double-sided adhesive tape with glass cloth as the base material and silicone system as the coating. It has high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, excellent chemical resistance and better flexibility.

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1.Sand blasting protection

2.Insulation, binding and permanent protection coil, motor motor and transformer


Test items  Typical value Unit Test method
Color white -  Visual inspection
Type of glue Silicone pressure-sensitive
- -
Base material Glass cloth - -
Base material 0.13 mm ASTM D-3652
 Total thickness 0.3 mm ASTM D-3652
Peel strength
Side A(180 ° )
11(4.4) N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-1000
Peel strength
Side B(180 ° )
3(1.2) N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-1000
Tensile strength 340(136) N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-1000
Elongation 4 % ASTM D-1000
Breakdown voltage 3 KV ASTM D-1000
Insulation resistance >1×1012 Ω ASTM D-1000
Long term
service temperature
200 GB∕T 32368-2015
Short term
service temperature
290 GB∕T 32368-2015


Product Features

1.Excellent insulation performance and breakdown voltage resistance

2.High tensile strength, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance

3.Tear off the adhesive without residue after long-term bonding

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