How to use double-sided tissue tape?

Apply to clean surfaces. Clean surfaces before applying the tape so that the adherent is not covered with dust, dirt or lint. This will affect how well the tape sticks to the surface.
Avoid Heat. Do not use it directly on hot surfaces as the adhesive may melt and lose its ability to stick. If you are using this kind of tape on surfaces near heat sources, such as installing insulation behind radiators, be aware that it may not be as long-lasting as in other applications
Choose the right size. Tissue tapes come in various sizes, so measure well and ensure you use an appropriate width of tape for the job.

What is Tissue Tape?

Double sided tissue tapes are lightweight tissues coated with adhesive. Similar to double sided paper products, double sided tissue tape provides conformability and more stability than some adhesive transfer tapes.

Double sided tissue tape is recommended for mounting light objects and may be used to laminate and fix foams, felts, papers, plastics, foils and textiles. Examples of applications where Scapa's tissue tape is used include.

Nano Tape - Reusable Double Sided Nano Tape

Nano tape is a kind of tape made of special materials and nano-pore technology. It is characterized by strong adhesion, no traces and residues, can be re-pasted, and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Nano tape has super adsorption force and can easily adhere to various surfaces, such as plastic, wood, leather, marble, metal, glass, ceramic tiles, etc. Each adhesive surface may come into contact with dust, shavings, sweat, metal dust, etc. during use. It can be washed and dried with clean water before being used again immediately without affecting the original stickiness. These properties make nano-tape widely used in various fields, including daily life, electronics, medical, aerospace, etc.

How to remove the glue of double-sided tissue tape?

In our daily life and work, we often use double-sided tissue tape, which has the advantages of moderate stickiness, easy tearing, and easy adhesion. However, removing them can be a problem when they are no longer needed.

Residual tape not only affects aesthetics but can also cause damage to objects. You-San Technology will provide detailed instructions on how to remove double-sided tissue tape and help you solve this annoyance easily.

What is tissue tape?What is double-sided tissue tape used for?

Double Sided Tissue Tape is made of cotton paper as the substrate, evenly coated with high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, and then compounded with release paper. It has excellent anti-rebound properties (better than other double-sided tapes, especially suitable for curved surface pasting), prevents warping, is heat-resistant, has strong adhesion, and provides strong bonding to various material surfaces.