Release Date: 2024-03-04
Nano Tape - Reusable Double Sided Nano Tape

Nano Tape - Reusable Double Sided Nano Tape is a kind of tape made of special materials and nano-pore technology. It is characterized by strong adhesion, no traces and residues, can be re-pasted, and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Nano tape has super adsorption force and can easily adhere to various surfaces, such as plastic, wood, leather, marble, metal, glass, ceramic tiles, etc. Each adhesive surface may come into contact with dust, shavings, sweat, metal dust, etc. during use. It can be washed and dried with clean water before being used again immediately without affecting the original stickiness. These properties make nano-tape widely used in various fields, including daily life, electronics, medical, aerospace, etc.

nano tape

Nano tape characteristics

1.Nano tape has better adhesion and durability, and it can usually be tightly bonded to a variety of surfaces, including uneven or porous materials.

2.Temperature resistance: Nano-tape can generally maintain excellent mechanical properties within a wide temperature range of -10°C to 150°C.

3.Aging resistance: Nano-tape is non-hygroscopic, non-flammable, and highly stable to oxygen and ultraviolet radiation, so it has excellent weather resistance.

nano tape

The materials of nano-tape include PU, acrylic, etc. PU material has good stickiness, better ductility and strong removability, but the price is higher. Acrylic has stronger viscosity, good ductility, and average initial tack, but it is economical and can be purchased according to your own needs. The following is an introduction to PU and acrylic nano tape:

PU nano tape

PU nano tape is made of polyurethane as the main component. It is physically foamed and uses low-density formula surface treatment technology to achieve a functional foam with both good sealing and shock-proof performance and scratch resistance. It has excellent sealing properties and can avoid gas release and atomization; it can resist compression deformation, that is, its elasticity is durable, which can ensure long-term shockproof protection for accessories; it does not contain harmful substances, does not leave residues, and will not pollute equipment. Not corrosive to metals.

1.Weather resistance: Polyurethane has good natural anti-aging properties and is suitable for use in environments exposed to UV rays, oxygen and temperature changes.

2.Removable: Designed to be easily removed without worrying about leaving unsightly marks or damaging the adhesive surface.

3.Re-Tackiness: The tape can be washed and regains its stickiness after drying, making it easy to reuse and saving costs.

pu nano tape

PU nano tape Application scenarios:

Panel sandwich: prevent loosening, impact noise, and sticking.

Around the LED: Prevent light leakage, absorb impact, and improve air tightness.

Keyboard gasket: Resilient, pollution-free, and good dimensional stability.

Foot pads: good friction.

Disk drive rear pad: absorbs vibration and prevents impact noise.

Disk cover soft pad: absorbs vibration, blocks motor noise, and is shockproof.

Around the speaker: Prevent noise and fill gaps.

Home decoration: hanging pictures, furnishings, photo walls, etc., you can fix decorative items without drilling holes and keep the wall intact.

Kitchen organization: Hang kitchen utensils, spice racks, towel hooks, etc. to keep the kitchen environment tidy.

Office management: fixing wires, hanging equipment, organizing office desks, and keeping the workspace organized.

Bathroom application: hanging soap dishes, towel racks, etc., can maintain good stickiness even in wet conditions.

Car Trim: Secure car interior parts and decorations that are easy to remove without damaging the material surface inside the car.

nano tape Application scenarios

Acrylic nano tape

Acrylic nano tape is made of acrylic glue as the base material and covered with release film or release paper. It has super viscosity and can be applied to metal, glass, some plastics and paint surfaces; it has strong resistance to static stress and dynamic stress, and can resist certain vibration and impact; it has super aging resistance and can withstand high and low temperatures, ultraviolet, and Moisture, solvents, etc. also have a certain isolation effect on the external environment.

1.Temperature resistance: Acrylic tape can generally withstand a wide temperature range, making it suitable for changing indoor and outdoor environments.

2.Aging resistance: long service life, not easy to yellow, remains transparent and clear, suitable for display or decorative bonding.

3.Versatility: Can be adhered to various surfaces, such as glass, wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, etc.

4.Adhesion: Provides strong bonding ability, used for heavy objects or situations where long-term bonding is required.

nano tape

Acrylic nano tape Application scenarios:

Automotive industry: assembly and decoration of various automobiles, commercial vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, etc.

Solar photovoltaic industry: solar photovoltaic cells sealing and fixing; module fixing, assembly fixing and sealing.

Elevator industry: bonding of stiffeners, mirrors, decorative panels and other fixed parts.

Electronics industry: adhesive fixation, sealing and waterproofing for various electronic digital products, home appliance processing and assembly.

Advertising industry: various advertisements, street signs, logo nameplates, nameplates, mark adhesion, etc. fixed.

Construction industry: In construction and decoration, nano-tape can be used to fix lightweight building materials, such as decorative panels, decorative strips, etc. Used in the installation and fixing of glass curtain walls, doors and windows, instead of screws and nails, it is waterproof and structurally safe.

Advertising industry: fixed outdoor billboards, corporate signs and indoor signage, easy to install and durable.

nano tape Application scenarios


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