How to Choose a Tape That Will Stick Without Leaving You Stuck?

Higher adhesion strength means shorter clean removal time. In other words, the tape’s level of adhesion is inversely related to how long it can safely remain on a surface. If you’re working on a large-scale painting project with longer prep times, or using tape for temporary floor or wall marking, it may mean that you need to leave tape in place for several days or even weeks. In these cases, opt for a premium tape with a medium adhesion that allows the tape to remain in place for a longer period.

What is PET high temperature tape? What is pet tape used for?

high-temperature PET tape, also known as Green tape , is a polyester tape consisting of a high-performance PET film as the substrate and coated with an organic silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The substrate of high-temperature PET tape is made of a polyester film that can withstand temperatures up to 180°C or even higher. The selection of polyester film determines the high-temperature resistance of the tape, and it can maintain stable adhesive performance under high-temperature conditions. Moreover, it utilizes a silicone adhesive that can withstand temperatures up to 180°C, ensuring that the bonding ability does not deteriorate due to high temperatures. The high-temperature resistance of both the substrate and the adhesive determines the high-temperature performance of PET high-temperature tape, allowing it to achieve optimal adhesive results even in high-temperature environments.

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