Release Date: 2024-01-08
What is PET high temperature tape? What is pet tape used for?

High-temperature PET tape, also known as Green tape or high temperature masking tape, is a polyester tape consisting of a high-performance PET film as the substrate and coated with an organic silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive.The substrate of high-temperature PET tape is made of a polyester film that can withstand temperatures up to 180°C or even higher. The selection of polyester film determines the high-temperature resistance of the tape, and it can maintain stable adhesive performance under high-temperature conditions. Moreover, it utilizes a silicone adhesive that can withstand temperatures up to 180°C, ensuring that the bonding ability does not deteriorate due to high temperatures. The high-temperature resistance of both the substrate and the adhesive determines the high-temperature performance of PET high-temperature tape, allowing it to achieve optimal adhesive results even in high-temperature environments.

High-temp PET Tape Structure

High-temp PET Tape Features

1.High Temperature Resistance andAging Resistance

2.Acid and Alkali Resistance andSolvent Resistance

3.Residue-free Removal

4.Excellent Electrical Insulation

5.Shear Resistance


Aluminum Plate Anode Protection

circuit board application


Tin Solder Protection

High temperature baking and painting Electrode PCB board tin baking use


High-Temperature PET Tape Product Parameter Table

Test items Test method Unit Product Type
P0306A P0306 P0308 P03095
Color Visual inspection - Green Grass green Green Grass green
Type of glue - - Silicone adhesive Silicone adhesive Silicone adhesive Silicone adhesive
Base material - - PET PET PET PET
Base material ASTM D-3652 mm 0.038 0.025 0.05 0.025
Total thickness ASTM D-3652 mm 0.055 0.06 0.08 0.095
Peel strength(180°) ASTM D-3330 N/inch(N/cm) 8/3.2 8/3.2 8/3.2 8/3.2
Tensile strength ASTM D-3759 N/inch(N/cm) 150/60 110/44 200/80 100/40
Elongation ASTM D-3759 % 120 80 120 120
Short time temperature resistance GB∕T 32368-2015 - 200℃/30min 200℃/30min 200℃/30min 200℃/30min
Long time temperature resistance GB∕T 32368-2015 - 180℃ 180℃ 180℃ 180℃

Comparison Table of You-San and 3M Products Technical Specifications

Brand Item Base Base Thickness Total Thickness Adhesive Peel Strength(N/cm) Tensile Strength(N/cm) Elongation
3M 851J PET 0.03mm 0.09mm silica 2.8 39.8 250.00%
You-san P03095 PET 0.025mm 0.095mm silica 3.2 40 120.00%

yousan manufactures PET high-temperature tape under the brand name P03 series. The tape is available in various thicknesses ranging from 0.055mm to 0.15mm. Depending on the specific requirements and standards, the appropriate tape model can be selected.

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