Release Date: 2024-04-29
Filament Tape Applications in Batteries

The application of Filament tape in the field of batteries mainly manifests in the following aspects:

1.Encapsulation and Protection of Lithium Batteries

With its unique pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, Filament tape exhibits excellent adhesion and special properties, including alkali resistance, high tensile strength, deformation resistance, excellent self-adhesiveness, insulation, and thermal conductivity.

It is widely used in the encapsulation and protection of lithium batteries. For example, it can be used as termination tape for cylindrical, square, small to medium-sized lithium-ion batteries, and large power lithium-ion battery cell tabs and winding positions to provide termination insulation and fixation, preventing piercing.

Additionally, Filament tape can also be used for bundling and protection in small power batteries.

Filament Tape

2.Providing Mechanical Support and Cushioning

The high tensile strength and deformation resistance of Filament tape allow it to provide good mechanical support and cushioning, which is crucial in preventing battery damage during transportation and use.

For instance, in the packaging of household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and freezers, Filament tape can provide strong protection.

Filament Tape

3.Preventing Poor Contact and Protecting Circuits

In addition to the above applications, Filament tape can also be used to prevent poor contact and protect circuits. For example, it can be used to fix various components of the battery, ensuring that they do not loosen or shift during use, thereby avoiding issues caused by poor contact.

Filament Tape

4.Insulation and Thermal Conductivity

The insulation and thermal conductivity characteristics of Filament tape also make it important in the battery field. It can be used to seal the ventilation holes of the positive electrode, isolating air and preventing various components such as carbon dioxide and water vapor in the air from affecting the battery when not in use. Furthermore, its insulation properties can prevent leakage and provide insulation.

Filament Tape

In conclusion, Filament tape has a wide range of applications in the battery field. It not only provides excellent encapsulation and protection but also helps prevent poor contact, protect circuits, provide mechanical support and cushioning, as well as insulation and thermal conductivity.

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