Release Date: 2024-04-18
Application fields of different masking tapes-Construction spray painting

In the construction industry, spray painting is a common and important process. Whether it is indoor decoration or outdoor construction, spray painting plays a key role. However, when painting, it is also crucial to protect the surrounding areas that do not need to be painted. Masking tape is often used in the construction industry to achieve a precise spray finish and protect the surrounding area. Not only do these tapes effectively mask and protect areas that need to be preserved, they also prevent spray paint from spilling, ensuring the quality and beauty of the project. This article will explore the types and application scenarios of masking tape commonly used in the construction industry, and how to choose the right tape to meet different painting needs.

Application fields of different masking tapes-Construction spray painting

Product features and applications

1.The general masking tape series is a series of products suitable for indoor and outdoor building decoration, spray painting, color separation masking, stucco masking, construction sites and joints, etc. These products do not require high viscosity and provide convenience for various decoration works.

2.The product features of the UV-resistant masking paper series include its oil resistance, UV resistance for 5 days, excellent outdoor performance, and the ability to remove without leaving any adhesive residue. These characteristics make this series of products particularly suitable for exterior wall spray painting, outdoor spray painting, architectural spray painting, window painting and other fields, providing reliable protection and shelter for outdoor work.

3.The Washi tape series focuses on indoor and outdoor decoration masking, seam spray masking, painting and writing masking, etc. Its product features include good fit, easy to tear, easy to stick, anti-penetration, no glue residue, solvent resistance and good color separation and line separation. Especially suitable for construction work on construction sites, it is simple, convenient and efficient.


Typical performance

General masking tape series

Test items P1703N P1704N P1705N P1751N P1756BX
color White White White/Yellow White/Yellow lemon yellow
Type of glue Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber
Base material Masking paper  Masking paper Masking paper Masking paper Masking paper
Total thickness 0.14mm 0.14mm 0.15mm 0.155mm 0.160mm
Peel strength180°) 2.5N/25MM 3.5N/25MM 6N/25MM 7N/25MM 8.1N/25MM
Tensile strength 50N/25MM 50N/25MM 50N/25MM 60N/25MM 60N/25MM
elongation 12% 12% 12% 12% 12%
Temperature resistance 60℃/30min 60℃/30min 60℃/30min 60℃/30min 60℃/30min


UV resistant masking tape series

Test items P1721 P1729G P1713AY P1713A P1713AW
color lemon yellow Green lemon yellow Orange White
Type of glue Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber
Base material Masking paper Masking paper Plain paper Plain paper Plain paper
Total thickness 0.155mm 0.16mm 0.13mm 0.13mm 0.13mm
Peel strength(180°) 7N/25MM 9N/25MM 7N/25MM 7N/25MM 7N/25MM
Tensile strength 75N/25MM 90N/25MM 80N/25MM 80N/25MM 80N/25MM
elongation 6% 10-12% 9% 9% 9%
Temperature resistance 95℃/40min 130℃/30min 100℃/30min 100℃/30min 100℃/30min
UV resistance (number of days) 5 5 5 5 5


Washi Tape Series

Test items P1713Y P1710Y P1753 P1712Y
color light yellow light yellow light green Blue/yellow/ green
Type of glue Acrylic Acrylic Rubber Acrylic
Base material Washi Washi Washi Washi
Total thickness 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.115mm 0.115mm
Peel strength180°) 2.8N/25MM 2.8N/25MM 1.6N/25MM 2.5N/25MM
Tensile strength 80N/25MM 80N/25MM 80N/25MM 80N/25MM
elongation 3.5% 3.5% 3.5% 3.5%
Temperature resistance 130℃/30min 130℃/30min 90℃/40min 100℃/30min
Remark Resistant to UV 14 days - interior wall paint Resistant to UV 7 days



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