water activated tape Wet Kraft Paper Tape

P1102 series wet water unreinforced kraft paper tape is a green and environmentally friendly product. It is a national and provincial high-tech product. Its base material and adhesive will not cause pollution to the environment and can be recycled with the packaging. It is mainly used to replace pressure-sensitive Type adhesive tape, etc., used for sealing boxes, available in natural kraft paper and white kraft paper.

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1.Sealing, masking writing, splicing of master rolls

2.Photo frame mounting, prevents cartons from being tampered with and damaged, no need for wet water, fast pasting and fixing.


Test items Typical value Unit Test method
color Natural/white - Visual inspection
Type of glue Starch adhesive - -
Base material kraft paper - -
Total thickness 0.12 mm ASTM D-3652
Tensile strength (longitudinal) 175 N/inch ASTM D-3759
Tensile strength (transverse) 55 N/inch ASTM D-3759
substrate 70 g/m2  kraft paper


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4.Other customization

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