UPE ultra high molecular weight polyethylene film

P66000 UPE ultra high molecular weight polyethylene film is made of UPE film as the base material and coated with special double-sided PET adhesive on one side. It is characterized by excellent abrasion resistance, low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, chemical stability and environmental hygiene, etc. It is widely used in many fields such as packaging, protection, insulation, abrasion-resistant coating, etc. It is one of the representatives of high-end film materials.

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Used in the packaging industry for medical devices, food, electronic equipment, etc.

Wear-resistant coatings for internal surfaces of mechanical equipment, conveyor systems, etc.

Used to make pipe linings, seals for valves, pumps and other fluid control equipment.

Protective wear layer for sports and protective equipment.

Good insulation and mechanical protection as cable sheath material.


Test items Typical value Unit Test method
Backing thickness 0.08 mm GB/T7125-2014
Adhesive thickness 0.05 mm GB/T7125-2014
Total thickness 0.13 mm GB/T7125-2014
Adhesion to steel ≥8 N/25mm GB/T2792-1998
Density 0.93~0.95 g/cm3 ASTM D792
Molecular weight 350~920 104g/mol ASTM D4020
Water absorption <0.01 % ASTM D570
Tensile Strength 38 Mpa GB/T 1040.3-2006
Bending strength 26 Mpa GB/T 1040.3-2006
Elongation at break 50 % GB/T 1040.3-2006
Compressive strength (10%) 27 Mpa ASTM D695
Shear strength 33 Mpa ASTM D695
Shore hardness 60~63 D ASTM D2240
Coefficient of friction - 0.07~0.11 ASTM D1894
Temperature resistance -269~90 ASTM D4894
Thermal expansion coefficient -1 1.5×10-4 GB1036-1989
Abrasion rate mg 80 GB/T 3960-1989
Dielectric breakdown strength Kv/mm 45 IEC 60243-2:2001
lSurface charge rate Ohm 1015 ASTM D257


Product Features

1.Excellent wear resistance, good chemical stability.

2.Excellent impact resistance, low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating properties.

3.High strength and high toughness, light weight.

4.Low temperature resistance, electrical insulation properties, and environmental hygiene.

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