Single sided Artificial lawn adhesive tape

P89000Artificial lawn adhesive tape to non-woven fabric as the substrate, opalescent release film for the backing, coated with hot melt adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive production and become, with non-woven single-sided with adhesive (double-open release paper backing) models and non-woven double-sided with adhesive (the whole piece of release paper backing) two models, its adhesive force, anti-slip, increase friction, adhesive strength is high, easy to use. Mainly used for sticking on the bottom of the artificial lawn, splicing artificial plastic lawn, especially on the rough surface has good adhesive properties, can also be used for home carpet anti-slip and so on.

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Used to secure lawn edges or joints with other flooring materials.

Used to splice gaps between neighboring rolls of lawn to ensure a smooth and seamless splice.

For repairing localized damage in lawns.

For marking lines or other graphic drawings of sports fields.

Used as a bonding reinforcement between the lawn backing and the underlying ground surface.


Test items Test method Unit P89600

Single side


Double side

Color Visual inspection - Green /Black Black
Total thickness ASTM D-3652 - 0.6 0.75
Base material weight ASTM D-3652 - 85g cloth 85g cloth
Glue weight ASTM D-3652 - 250g adhesive 250g adhesive/

300g adhesive

Peel strength180°) ASTM D-3330 N/inch 40 40


Product Features

1.High-strength adhesive, weather-resistant.

2.Watertight, Adaptable, Removable & Repositionable.

3.Convenient construction, precise line drawing, environmental protection and safety, saving labor costs.


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