PE Electrostatic Film

PE electrostatic film is a functional film made of PE as the main material with the addition of electrostatic additives. It is soft and easy to apply, peel without residual adhesive and has excellent exhaust properties.

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Surface protection for PMMA, PC, ABS, PVC sheets, PET materials, plastic sheets, high-gloss injection plastics, electronic products, touch screens, mirrors and other products.


Product Code
Technical Parameters
P8603 P8604 P8605 P8606 P8608 P8610
Color Transparent,Blue,Yellow,
Total Thickness[um] 30 40 50 60 80 100
180°Peel Strength[g/inch] 3~1200
Tensile Strength[Mpam] ≥20 ≥20 ≥20 ≥20 ≥20 ≥20
Elongation At Break[%] ≥250 ≥250 ≥250 ≥250 ≥250 ≥250
Shore Hardness 40 40 40 40 40 40
Long-Term Temperature  Resistance[℃] 60 60 60 60 60 60
Short-Term Temperature  Resistance[℃] 100 100 100 100 100 100


PE Electrostatic Film, also known as polyethylene electrostatic film, is a polyethylene film with electrostatic adsorption function. It uses the principle of electrostatic electricity to adhere closely to various smooth surfaces, preventing dust, dirt, and scratches.

Application scenarios
1. Electronic product protection: During the assembly and transportation of electronic products, PE electrostatic film can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust and impurities, and protect the screen and surface from damage.
2. Glass product protection: For glass products, such as glass windows, glass display cabinets, etc., PE electrostatic film can be easily adhered to prevent stains and fingerprints from remaining, while keeping the glass surface clean and bright.
3. Advertising display industry: In advertising displays, PE electrostatic film is often used for pasting posters, logos, etc. Because of its electrostatic adsorption properties, it can be firmly adhered without the use of glue, which is convenient and fast.
4. Household cleaning: In household cleaning, PE electrostatic film can also be used to absorb dust and hair, making it easy to clean various smooth surfaces.

size and color
Size: PE electrostatic film can be customized in different sizes according to customer needs. Common widths range from tens of centimeters to several meters, and the length can be cut as needed. In addition, electrostatic films of special shapes or sizes can be customized according to specific application scenarios.
Color: PE electrostatic film is generally transparent to maintain the original appearance of the items being protected. However, electrostatic films can also be produced with different colors or patterns to meet specific needs, such as logos or decorations. These colorful electrostatic films not only have a protective function, but also add beauty to the items being attached.

Specification data

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