PC flame retardant polycarbonate film

P97000B is a halogen-free, heavy metal-free, phosphate-free, truly green and environmentally friendly flame retardant polycarbonate film, which meets the requirements of European environmental regulations such as ROHS, TCO & Blue Angel, and the strict UL safety specifications, and its environmentally friendly characteristics make it easy to recycle and reuse. Compared with traditional flame retardant PC, its mechanical properties are more superior, better appearance quality, more stable and consistent color.

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For printing panels, signs, etc. with flame-retardant requirements

For IMD applications with flame retardant requirements

Laminating insulation and masking for power supplies, TVs/monitors, business machines, etc

For use where internal components need to be concealed or to achieve a specific design aesthetic

Battery core application: The battery core is mainly used for the positive and negative electrode top patches of the battery core.

CCS application: CCS blister bracket and CCS die-cut bracket

In the new energy PACK package cover plate, package bending cover plate


Property Weight per roll LB Roll length M  Area per pound M2/Lb
SpecificGravity ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.21
Tensile Strength ASTM D882 MPa 55
Elongation at break ASTM D882 % 90
Impact strength @ 10mils JIS-K6745 In-lbs 120
Vicat Softening Point 120 ℃/hr, 10N load ISO 306 151
Dielectric Strength (@ 10mils) ASTM D149 V/mil 1,700
Volume Resistivity @25℃,50%RH ASTM D257 Ω•cm 1016
Surface Resistivity @25℃,50%RH ASTM D257 Ω 1015
ULFlammability ≤0.25mm UL 94 VTM-0


Product Features

1.The use of halogen-free flame retardants, environmental compliance, with excellent flame retardant properties

2.Good visual effect and color stabilitye

3.Easy thermoforming or cold bending, IMD compatible

4.It has excellent flame retardancy, heat resistance, high voltage resistance, low water absorption, bending resistance, tear resistance, and is not easy to break.


ULFile No:E199019

Type Color Surface texture Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Feature
P97000B Black Matte / Fine velvet 0.050~0.250(0.002′′~0.010′′) 930(3′) Flammability VTM-0


Thickness tolerance  Unit  Limit
<0.250mm 0.250mm % ±10%


Surface texture Thickness(mm) Test value of gloss
Matte 0.050~0.250 <5.0
Finevelvet 0.05 <4.5
>0.05 3.0~6.0


Package Details

Thickness mm Weight per roll


Weight per roll


Each pound Area


Roll length M  Area per pound M2/Lb
0.050(0.002′′) 80 176 930×8409 1480 7.82
0.075(0.003′′) 80 176 930×5659 996 5.26
0.100(0.004′′) 80 176 930×4323 761 4.02
0.125(0.005′′) 89.3 197 930×3385 667 3.15
0.150(0.006′′) 89.3 197 930×2812 554 2.62
0.175(0.007′′) 89.3 197 930×2406 474 2.24
0.250(0.010′′) 89.3 197 930×1619 319 1.51



Environment-Protection Index DFR117ECOA
RoHS Rule Accord
REACH Rule Accord
Br <900ppm
Cl <900ppm
Cl+Br <1500ppm
Phthalates Accord
PAHs Accord
TBBPA Accord
PFOS Accord
PFOA Accord


Specification data

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