Linerless aluminum foil tape

Linerless aluminum foil tape without release paper, good softness, and easy to tear, mainly used for freezer conduit outside the package, to avoid foaming material will be wrapped in the pipeline, affecting the transmission of cold. It fixes the internal pipeline of the box, avoiding the extrusion of foaming material when foaming, leading to deformation of the pipeline running position, and also avoiding the corrosion of foaming material on the pipeline.

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1.Insulation materials for piping of heating and cooling equipment

2.Wrapping of hot water pipes and household condensers

3.Moisture and fog proof packaging for export equipment

4.For wrapping electronic equipment and circuits that require electromagnetic shielding


Item No. P0606L P06065L P0607L P0607LF P0608L
Material Aluminum Foil, Water-based Adhesive
Backing Thickness(mm) 0.025(25Mic) 0.03(30Mic) 0.034(34Mic) 0.034(34Mic) 0.04(40Mic)
Total thickness(mm) 0.06(60Mic) 0.065(65Mic) 0.07(70Mic) 0.07(70Mic) 0.08(80Mic)
Adhesion to Steel ≥12N/25MM
Holding Power 24Hrs
Tack Rolling Ball 15#
Service Temperature -20~+120°C (-4~ +248 °  F)
Applying Temperature 0~ +40°℃ (32~+104 °F)


Product Features

1.Is environmentally friendly, weather resistant and has high tensile strength

2.Good waterproof characteristics, wide temperature adaptability

3.Long-lasting adhesion and resistance to electromagnetic interference

4.Mildew and moisture resistant, soft and easy to apply

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