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Jumbo Roll Double Sided Mounting PE Foam Tape

Spooling is a process where rolls of tape products can be spliced together and wound onto a common core, similar to a fishing line or thread wound onto a reel. This traverse winding process allows significant footage to be wound onto a single roll without becoming excessively large and difficult to handle.

Spool tape allows your machines to keep running longer and thereby reducing costs associated with downtime, labor, and changeovers. Single rolls length can even reach to 4000meters.

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Product Code
Technical Parameter
P3930 P3950 P3980 P39100 P39120 P39150 P39200 P39300
Color Grey, Black, White
Total Thickness[mm] 0.3 0.5 0.8 1 1.2 1.5 2 3
Backing PE Foam
Adhesive Acrylic
180°Peel Strength[N/inch] 16 16 18 18 18 20 20 20
Retentivity[hour] ≥24
Long-Term Temperature  Resistance[℃] 40
Short-Term Temperature  Resistance[℃] 60


Double-sided PE foam tape utilized PE/EVA foam as a carrier, with special acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then laminated with release film.

The double tape foam is thick that fills gaps in irregular or mismatched surfaces, It’s not only heavy duty adhesive but also has a cushioning, and sound insulation effect, and provides an even adhesive base for mounting items. it is intended for automotive, and indoor use to mount signs, nameplates, and dispensers.


Flexible, unique design for resisting curling

Dustproof, weatherproof, and soundproof,

withstand UV light, moisture, solvents, chemicals, harsh heat


The thick double sided tape is often used for Automotive trim strips, car glass, car pedals, wheel arcs, wave plates, baffles, plate brake lights, interior parts, door trim, rain gear, signage, and fixing, household appliances, engineering decoration, structural bonding of curtain walls, sealing strips, Fixing light and small materials at room temperature, Intelligent Electronic Device.

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