Invisible tape replaces 3m810

P810# adhesive tape is made of Matte PP film and coated on one side with a special acrylate-based adhesive. It has the advantages of good temperature stability, fast adhesion, good invisible effect, no trace, writable, and wide application, which can meet the various needs for fine and non-destructive adhesion.

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For high-temperature painting, baking, plating and high-temperature taping of capacitors, etc.

For document repair and revisionl.

For use in the manufacture of resin lens injection molding processes.

For detection and positioning in printing and packaging.

For home living and DIY projects.


Test items Typical value Unit Test method
color Milky white - Visual inspection
Total thickness 47 μm Q/ILBN2-2006CH-1-S
 Initial adhesion (ball rolling method) Can stick Steel ball number/7  GB/T 4852-2002
Peel strength180°) 628.5  gf/25mm  GB/T 2790-2014
Tensile strength 4718  gf/25mm ASTM D-3759
Tackiness 24 h  GB/T 4851-2014
Maximum temperature resistance Hot stripping/qualified 80 degrees/30 minutes -
Maximum temperature resistance Hot stripping/qualified 80 degrees/30 minutes -


Product Features

1.Good temperature stability, uniform and stable adhesion.

2.Invisible effect, no trace residue.

3.Writing on the surface for easy marking.

4.Easy to unwind and tear, multifunctional application.


Product specifications



3.Other customization

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