Hot Melt Adhesive Film

The hot melt adhesive film is made of thermoplastic colloid composite release film such as TPU/EVA. It has the characteristics of excellent adhesion, solvent-free, good thickness consistency, and easy processing.

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Applicable to fabric compounding, sponge compounding, insole compounding, underwear, clothing accessories and other products


 Product cod
Technical Parameters
P3600U P3600UH
Color Translucent Translucent
Total Thickness[mm] 0.03~1 0.03~1
Backing TPU TPU
Density[g/cm³] 1.2 1.2
Hardness[Shore A] 80 90
Tensile Strength[Mpa] 21 22
Elongation[%] 630 500
Processing Pressure[kg] 0.5~5 0.5~5
Hot Pressing Time[s] 8~20 8~20
Hot Pressing Temperature[℃] 50~80 135~160


Specification data

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