High temperature label tape

P0100L are made of polyimide film coated with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive that is chemically and abrasion resistant up to 320°C. They are resistant to a wide range of chemicals such as fluxes, melts and cleaners, as well as to high temperatures and abrasion in extremely harsh environments, ensuring that they will maintain their excellent performance in a wide range of harsh and demanding applications. At room temperature, the labels are pressure-sensitive, and above 200°C, the labels show better chemical and abrasion resistance. It is designed for character or barcode labeling for printed circuit boards. Because it can withstand the erosion of solder, melt, etc. faced during the production of printed circuit boards.

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1.Labeling for cell phone and lithium battery production.

2.For labeling/quality control and product traceability in surface mount reflow processes for PCBs.

3.For high temperature marking of steel, casting, aluminum, etc.

4.Quality traceability of metal parts for the automotive and steel industries.

5.For use in aerospace, aviation and other environments with high temperature requirements for materials.

6.For SMT and wave soldering processes.


Product Number P0107L/P0109L Pseudolaric acid 25/50# PI  High Temperature Label
Enterprise Test Methods Digital Unit
Protective layer Thicknesses ISO534 17±2 μm
  Color - Bright white/matte -
Substrates Designation - (PI film) -
  Thicknesses ISO534 25±1 /50±1 μm
Backing paper Grammage ISO534 90 g/㎡
  Release force FTM10 5-10 g
Glue Typology - Acrylic -
  Thicknesses ISO536 25±2 μm
Tackiness Adhesion to steel plate GB/T2792-1998 1000±200 g
  Initial tack ASTM D3759 ≥3 #Steel Ball#
Temperature Applied temperature - -40~300
  Reference time for high temperature applications - 260℃*10minute
  Limit temperature - 320℃*20Second -
Coil loading Minimum width - 25 mm
  Maximum width - 505 mm
Terminal 400M/roll - ≦1 -
Printing method Suitable for letterpress, flexographic and screen printing.
Printing method Suitable for TTR printing mode, resin ribbons recommended.


Product Features

High-temperature resistant, able to withstand temperatures of 300°C and higher.

Wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant, stain-resistant.

Anti-static, good peeling effect, no adhesive residue.

Prints well and scans with high legibility.

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