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Gold onion film tape

Gold onion film tape is made of OPP as the base material, covered with gold onion film, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive rolled into a moderate viscosity, tearing off the characteristics of non-residue. Widely used in gift packaging, stationery office, decoration and other uses.

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1.External decoration of gift boxes, cosmetics and other products

2.Handicraft making

3.For billboards, display windows and storefront decorations


Test items Typical value Unit Test method
color Grass green, dark green, red, purple, blue, light blue, silver, yellow, gray, orange, black - Visual inspection
Base material OPP - -
Total thickness 0.09 mm ASTM D-3652
Peel strength180° 2 N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-3330
Initial adhesion (steel ball) 25 # GB/T 4852-2002
Tensile strength 9 N/inch(N/cm) ASTM D-3759
Elongation 18.5 % ASTM D-3759
Long term temperature resistance 60℃ - GB∕T 32368-2015


roduct Features

1.Aesthetically pleasing and decorative, in a wide range of materials

2.Stable, water and moisture resistant

3.Widely used and cost-effective

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