fireproof ceramic silicone tape

P69000C-B fireproof ceramic silicone tape is mainly processed from fireproof ceramicized silicone rubber and fireproof reinforcing glass fiber, it is a high-strength flexible composite product with good high-temperature resistance and excellent electric insulation. It can resist flame ablation up to 1000 degrees and avoid flame spreading to other areas. Its unique features enable the material to address safety and design issues in electric vehicle batteries, railroad trains and electronic appliances.

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1.PACK Battery Packs and High Voltage Electrical Connection Structures Fireproofing and Insulation.

2.Aerospace Cargo Fire Shelter.

3.Protective Coating for Brake Lines in Railway Vehicles.

4.Fire Barriers Between Railroad Passenger Cars.


Identity Typical value Unit Test method
Physical property
Standard thickness 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.6/0.8/1.2 mm ASTM D374
Standard colors White, Orange, Black / Visual
Durometer 60 SHA GB/T 531.1-2008
Densities 1.57 g/cm3 GB/T 5019.2-2009
Tensile strength 40 MPa GB/T 528-1998
Tear strength 60 kN/m GB/T-529-2008
Electrical and thermal properties
Flame retardant VTM-0  or V-0


/ UL 94
Bulk resistivity 6.0*1014 Ω·cm GB/T 1692-2008
High insulation resistivity (800°C) 0.8*106 Ω GB/T 10581-2006
Thermal conductivity <0.05 W/(m.K) GB/T 10295-2008
Dielectric Strengths 28 kV/mm IEC 60243-1
Elastic holding temperature range -55~+200 ˚C Internal Methods


Product Features

1.Composite high-strength refractory fabric for high mechanical strength.

2.Crusts into a ceramic-like structure at high temperatures or in a flame, giving it excellent electrical insulation properties.

3.Low smoke, low flame, low flue gas toxicity during combustion process.

4.Can be processed to ultra-thin thicknesses with excellent flexibility.


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