Expansion tape

Expansion tape is composed of OPS substrate or modified TPU substrate, coated with anti electrolyte pressure-sensitive adhesive. Developed and manufactured swelling/expansion tape for lithium battery drum testing. Used for fixing the end of high magnification batteries, replacing traditional termination tape. The principle is to generate volume expansion under the action of electrolyte, fill the gap between the battery cell and the shell, reduce the shaking of the battery in vibration environment, and prevent short circuits.

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Diaphragm termination wrapping for various types of lithium batteries

1.Fixed diaphragm winding for cylindrical lithium batteries

2.Lithium battery drum testing and development

3.Lithium ion battery usage

4.Use of electronic components

5.Termination of various types of batteries

6.Lithium battery wrapping

7.High magnification battery tail fixation, replacing traditional termination tape


items Unit P7645 P7645T
color - Milk white Milk white
Type of glue - Anti electrolyte pressure-sensitive adhesive Anti electrolyte pressure-sensitive adhesive
base material - OPS TPU
Total thickness um 45±5 45±5
Peel strength(180°) g/25mm 0.3-1.5 0.3-1.5
Tensile strength MPa 70±10 70±10
Elongation rate % 70-90 70-90
Environment protection - Through this experiment Through this experiment

Volume expansion rate

% 250 250


Product Features

1.High insulation

2.High expansion rate

3.High adhesion to clothing

4.High temperature resistance

5.Solvent resistant

6.Electrolyte resistant

7.Acid and alkali resistance


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