double-sided flame retardant tape

P3205F flame-retardant double-sided tape is made of PET as the base material, evenly coated on both sides with high-performance flame-retardant acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then compounded with release paper.

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1.Suitable for flame retardant adhesive technology in the new energy vehicle industry.

2.Used for securing and insulating electronic components in aircraft and spacecraft.

3.For the fastening of fireproof insulating materials in the construction sector

4.Used for binding wire bundles and fixing components inside automobiles, etc.


Test items Test method Unit P3205F
Color Visual inspection - White
Type of glue - - Flame retardant acrylic adhesive
Release material - - Release paper
Base material - - PET
Base thickness ASTM D-3652 mm 0.008
Total thickness ASTM D-3652 mm 0.050
flame retardant standard UL94 N/A VTM-0
180°Peel strengthSUS20min GB/T2792-2014 N/inch 8
Static shear force


GB/T4851-2014 min ≥600
Long term temperature resistance GB∕T 4851-2014 80
Short term temperature resistance GB∕T 4851-2014 120


Has a strong flame retardant rating

Good adhesion to non-polar materials


Good die-cutting performance


Product specifications

  • 1020mm*100m
  • Other customization


Storage and shelf life

It is recommended to store them in a clean and dry place to prevent package damage and volatile solvents. The storage temperature is 4~26 ℃, and the humidity is 40~50%.

To maintain the best performance, this product should be used within 12months from the date of production.

Specification data

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