Double glass punching tape solar edge tape

Double glass punching tape is made of polyester film as the substrate,single-sided coated with specially treated high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive,and double glass punching tape has the characteristics of high temperature resistance,high strength,holes and good insulation.

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1.Protection during the color separation process of hardware and electronic paint

2.Plane protection during the color separation process of plastic and automobile paint

3.PCB plating protection


Test items Typical value Unit Test method
Color Red - Visual inspection
Type of glue Rubber adhesive - -
Base material PVC - -
Total thickness 0.06 mm ASTM D-3652
Peel strength180°) 6 N/inch ASTM D-3330
Tensile strength 70 N/inch ASTM D-3759
Elongation at break 50 % EN 14410
Temperature resistance 100 (60min) LV312


Double glass punching tape

Photovoltaic module double-glass perforated tape is made of polyester film as the base material, coated on one side with specially treated high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, and punched.

also known as:

solar tape

Transparent high temperature resistant PET solar photovoltaic tape

High viscosity positioning anti-falling tape edge sealing double glass perforated tape

Edge sealing and protection of double glass solar modules

Double glass perforated tape for solar energy

1. High temperature resistance: can be laminated with components at high temperatures, easy to peel off and leave no residue

2. High strength: The tensile strength of the tape is higher than 100Mpa, which can ensure that it will not break during use.

3. The holes are uniform: the holes are uniform in size and arranged neatly, which ensures that when the tape is used, the holes are aligned where the user wants them to be.

4. No impurities: There is no waste or impurities contained in the tape, ensuring that components will not be polluted during use.

5. Versatility: There will be no glue residue problem when applied on most glass surfaces produced by different glass suppliers.

6. Good insulation and non-conductivity, which can protect the adhered objects from the harm of electric current.


Application scenarios
Double-glass perforated positioning tape is used when laminating double-glass solar modules, and the overflowing adhesive film forms an arc-shaped C-shaped ring around the modules.
Photovoltaic module manufacturing:
Frame fixing: In the production process of photovoltaic modules, frame fixing is one of the key steps. With its excellent adhesion properties, the double-glass perforated positioning tape ensures that the frame is firmly fixed on the component, preventing it from shifting or falling off during subsequent transportation and installation.
Cell positioning: Cells are the core part of photovoltaic modules, and the accuracy of their position directly affects the power generation efficiency of the module. Through its precise positioning function, the double-glass perforated positioning tape can ensure that the cells are neatly arranged and evenly spaced, thereby improving the overall performance of the module.
EVA glue overflow control: During the lamination process of photovoltaic modules, the uniform overflow of EVA glue is an important link to ensure the sealing of the module. The micro-hole design on the double-glass perforated positioning tape can guide the overflow direction of the EVA glue so that it is evenly distributed on the edge of the component, effectively preventing the occurrence of bubbles and defects.
Electronic product manufacturing:
Component fixation: During the assembly process of electronic products, double-glass hole positioning tape can be used to fix various small components, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. It can ensure the stable position of these components on the circuit board and prevent them from falling off or being damaged due to vibration or impact.
PCB board positioning: PCB board is the basic component of electronic products, and the accuracy of its position is crucial to the performance of the entire product. Double glass hole punching positioning tape can be used as a positioning auxiliary tool for PCB boards to help engineers quickly and accurately position PCB boards during the assembly process and improve production efficiency.
Anti-static protection: Some electronic products are sensitive to static electricity, and double-glass perforated positioning tape usually has anti-static properties, which can provide additional protection during the assembly process and prevent static electricity from causing damage to electronic components.
Auto parts production:
Body reinforcement fixation: In the automobile manufacturing process, body reinforcements are key components to improve the strength and rigidity of the vehicle structure. Double-glass perforated positioning tape can be used to fix these reinforcements to ensure that their position on the body is accurate and firm, thereby improving the safety and stability of the vehicle.
Pasting of interior parts: Various decorative parts inside the car, such as door panels, instrument panels, etc., can also be pasted with double-glass perforated positioning tape. This tape not only provides strong adhesion, but also ensures that the trim looks nice and tidy inside the vehicle.
Food and pharmaceutical packaging:
Moisture-proof and mildew-proof: Food and medicine are very sensitive to humidity and mold, and double-glass perforated positioning tape can help packaging materials maintain ventilation and prevent excessive moisture and mold growth.

Safety guarantee: Since food and medicine are directly related to people's health, their packaging materials must be safe and harmless. Double glass perforated positioning tape is usually made of environmentally friendly materials and complies with safety standards for food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Regular size:

White EVA:

3 holes, 2mm hole diameter, 25mm hole spacing

3 holes, 2mm hole diameter, 50mm hole spacing


4 holes, 1mm hole diameter, 80mm hole spacin

6 holes, 0.8mm hole diameter, 40mm hole spacing

1 hole, 1mm hole diameter, 40mm hole spacing

1 hole, 0.5mm hole diameter, 40mm hole spacing

2 holes, 0.5mm hole diameter, 280mm hole spacing

3 holes, 2mm hole diameter, 50mm hole spacing

Thickness: 0.06

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