Anti Cat Scratch Tape

Anti Cat Scratch Tape:The unique material makes cats feel slight discomfort when touching, thus avoiding damage to furniture without hurting cats' claws. This tape has strong adhesion and can fit tightly to furniture of various materials, whether wood, metal or glass, to provide stable protection. Made of environmentally friendly materials, it ensures the safety of you and your cat. Combined with the cat scratching board, let cats enjoy the fun of scratching while protecting your home environment, making it cleaner and more beautiful. Anti-cat scratching tape is a must-have companion for your family and cats to live in harmony.

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Save the Furniture, Train the Cats: This anti-scratch cat training tape leverages cats' natural aversion to sticky surfaces to help deter them from scratching your couch. Over time, it encourages your cat to develop a habit of avoiding clawing your precious furniture.


Feature/Information Description
Product Name Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape
Main Purpose To prevent cats from scratching furniture and protect it from damage
Working Principle Utilizes cats' natural aversion to sticky surfaces to reduce scratching behavior
Material Adhesive material, safe and non-toxic, harmless to cats
Applicability Suitable for various furniture surfaces, such as sofas, carpets, curtains, etc.
Usage Method Apply the tape to the furniture areas where cats often scratch
Adhesion Strength Strong adhesion ensures the tape stays securely in place
Environmental Friendliness Manufactured with eco-friendly materials, environmentally friendly
Additional Suggestion Pair with a cat scratching post or tree to satisfy cats' scratching needs


Unique Features and Design
Gentle Protection: Anti-cat Scratch Tape is made of a special material that causes a slight discomfort when the cat touches it, but does not hurt the cat's claws. This design allows cats to gradually learn to avoid scratching the area covered by the tape, thereby achieving the purpose of protecting household items.
Strong Adhesion: The tape has strong adhesion and can fit tightly on the surface of furniture of various materials, including wood, metal, glass and plastic. Whether it is a flat or curved surface, the anti-cat scratch tape can provide stable protection.
Safe and Environmentally Friendly: We strictly control the quality of our products to ensure that the selected materials are safe and non-toxic and do not contain harmful chemicals. You and your cat can use it with confidence without worrying about any health risks.
Easy to Clean: If the cat's claws are accidentally stuck with the tape, you can easily rinse it off with water without leaving any residue. This brings great convenience to your daily cleaning work.

How to Use and Recommendations
Preparation: Before use, make sure the surface of the furniture is clean, dry, and free of dust or grease. This helps to improve the adhesion of the tape.
Cutting Size: Cut the anti-cat scratch tape to the appropriate length according to the size and shape of the furniture. You can easily cut with scissors or a paper cutter.
Apply the tape: Apply the tape to the edge of the furniture or to areas where your cat often scratches. Make sure the tape is flat and free of bubbles to improve its protective effect.
Observe the effect: Observe your cat's reaction to the tape. If your cat still tries to scratch, you can increase the amount of tape or adjust its position appropriately. At the same time, we also recommend that you provide your cat with a special scratching board or cat tree to meet their scratching needs.

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