Aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape

Butyl aluminum foil waterproof tape is an environmentally friendly solvent-free sealing material based on butyl rubber and polyisobutylene as the main raw materials, and mixed with polymer materials through a special process. It has excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strength, and can withstand stress in various complex environments. At the same time, its stable chemical properties ensure good resistance to a variety of chemicals.

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1. Waterproof sealing of civil roofs and color steel roofs to effectively prevent rainwater penetration.
2. Waterproof treatment of steel structures to ensure that connections and bolt holes do not seep.
3. Overlap sealing of waterproof membranes enhances the integrity of the waterproofing system.
4. PC board installation and sealing to protect materials from moisture and corrosion


Test items Test method Unit Typical value
Color Visual inspection - gray, black, white,silver
Type of glue - - butyl rubber
Total thickness mm 0.5-5

Peel strengthSUS20min)(180°)

ASTM D-3330 N/inch 5
Heat resistance80°,2H - - No fowing ,no crack

no deformation

Low temperature resistance(-40°) - - No crack


Butyl aluminum foil tape is a high-performance waterproof sealing material that combines the excellent adhesion of butyl rubber with the anti-corrosion properties of aluminum foil. Its unique material and design ensure excellent waterproofing and durability in a variety of environments.

Aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape

Application scenarios
1.Building waterproofing: It is suitable for waterproofing treatment of roofs, walls, basements, bathrooms and other areas of various buildings to ensure the dryness and stability of the building structure.
2.Pipe sealing: It can be used to seal water pipes, gas pipes, oil pipes and other pipes to effectively prevent the leakage of liquids, gases and harmful substances.
Industrial equipment maintenance: In industrial production, it can be used to waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend its service life.
3.Vehicle maintenance: It can be used for waterproof sealing treatment of automobiles, ships and other vehicles, such as sealing of car body gaps, window frames and other locations.4.Environmental 4.protection projects: In environmental protection projects, it can be used for waterproof sealing treatment in landfills and sewage treatment plants to prevent the leakage and spread of pollutants.

Aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape

main feature:
1.Super sticky: The unique butyl rubber base material ensures that the tape adheres closely to the surface of various materials, forming a seamless waterproof layer to effectively prevent moisture penetration.
2.Excellent anti-corrosion performance: The aluminum foil layer not only has the functions of reflecting ultraviolet rays and anti-aging, but also effectively resists chemical corrosion, ensuring that the tape can maintain stable performance in various environments.
3.Excellent weather resistance: Whether it is severe cold or hot or humid and dry, butyl aluminum foil tape can maintain its original performance, is not easy to age and crack, and provides you with long-lasting waterproof protection.
4.High elasticity and ductility: The tape has good elasticity and ductility and can withstand a certain degree of displacement and deformation, ensuring a tight fit under various conditions.
5.Easy construction: The tape is easy to cut and paste without professional tools, which greatly saves construction time and cost.

Aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape


Aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape Aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape
1.Clean up the substrate 2.Measure the required tape length
Aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape Aluminum foil butyl waterproof tape
3.Adhesive 4.Hurry up and press it

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