Release Date: 2024-07-09
What is Strong double-sided tape? types and Function?

Today I’m talking about a kind of double-sided tape. Double-sided tape is everywhere in life. The most impressive thing is when I glued homework books and textbooks in elementary school. Generally, we use the kind of thin, transparent double-sided tape, which is generally not a problem in daily use. It will be easier to age after a little time. youcan tape  is a foam tape with a thickness of about 1mm. It is basically impossible to pinch in. It is not the kind of double-sided tape that we usually see that is as soft as a sponge. The stickiness really tests your patience. Last time, my friend used it to glue the battery. Since it could not be dismantled by force, I used glue remover (another daily necessities artifact) and manpower. It took three full days to remove it.

Application scenarios
This kind of double-sided tape has a better characteristic, that is, it is not easy to damage the surface of the adhesive, but it is difficult to remove. Can stick to glass, metal, paint, plastic, wood and other materials.

1. Cars: It is quite fun to stick on car decorations, rain eyebrows, tail wings, car logos, etc.;

2. At home: Sticky power strips are my favorite, as are routers and other electronic devices. It is still recommended to use epoxy resin glue for hooks, soap boxes, and tissue boxes, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

3. Office area: house number, photo wall, various electronic equipment, etc.

4. Handicrafts, models and other places in need.

Clean the surface, apply adhesion promoter, cut it to the appropriate length, stick it on, and it's done.

It has a fresh fragrance and disappears after a few minutes of application.

Go to a certain treasure bar, all kinds of double-sided tape. This series also includes 4910 (transparent surface bonding), 5952 (sprayed surface and special-shaped surface bonding), 4611 (for high temperature bonding), 4951 (low temperature bonding), etc.

Precautions for use
It will take 72 hours to fully adhere, so you must be patient. If there is dust on the surface, it will not stick. Use adhesion promoters to increase strength.

The price is relatively high, a roll of 33 meters costs about 40 US Dollars each one. Nowadays, you can also find them sold by the centimeter online.

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