Release Date: 2024-05-30
What is double-sided cloth tape?

In the vast realm of tape technology, cloth duct tape stands out with its unique material and remarkable performance, offering us numerous conveniences. Among them, the double-sided cloth duct tape is particularly unique, boasting adhesive properties on both sides that enable it to securely bond two objects together without the need for additional fixing measures. This design makes the double-sided cloth duct tape highly versatile and finds extensive applications in various fields, from splicing materials and crafting models to securing decorations.

Next, we will delve deeper into the characteristics, applications, and usage techniques of the double-sided cloth duct tape, guiding you to a more comprehensive understanding of this practical tape material.

cloth tape

What is cloth tape?

Cloth tape is a tape made of gauze that has been coated with hot melt adhesive/rubber after lamination, release and other treatments.

The biggest feature of cloth tape is its super stickiness, which is far superior to other tapes, and it leaves no trace when used. Also called carpet tape.

cloth tape

Where can cloth tape be used?

Here’s a great place to use duct tape: the carpet is stuck to the floor. I believe many friends will encounter this problem. The floor mats and carpets used in the home will move over time. We use double-sided tape to fix them, but we are worried about leaving residual glue and affecting the appearance. So how to fix these carpets and floor mats?

The simplest way is to use double-sided cloth tape, which perfectly solves the above problems. It can firmly fix the carpet to the ground without leaving any traces.

Not only carpets, but also sofa cushions and anti-slip mats that have been used for a long time can easily slip or move. We want to use double-sided tape to fix it, but we are worried about leaving adhesive residue, and we don’t want people to see traces of the tape, which will affect the aesthetics.

At this time, using double-sided cloth tape can perfectly solve the above problems. It can firmly fix the carpet to the ground without leaving any traces.

Double-sided cloth tape has many uses.

1.Splicing and fixing of various types of carpets

Carpet fixing and splicing: It is used to fix the edges of carpets and can also be used to splice carpets to make the seams smoother and more beautiful. It is often used for hotel carpet fixing and exhibition carpet splicing.

2..Office use

Pasting A4 paper in the office, fixing mouse pads, fixing various office supplies, hanging pictures, photo frames, etc.

3.Wedding car and wedding room decoration

Adhesive supplies used in wedding room decoration, lantern fixing, balloon fixing, etc.

4.Keep it at home

Socket fixing, photo frame fixing, nameplate sticking, pendant sticking, manual assembly, etc.

5.Door and window protection

Protect door, window frames, glass and other surfaces from scratches or stains.

6.Paint the walls

Use removable cloth tape when painting walls to protect parts that do not need to be painted, such as door and window frames, from paint contamination.

7.Car spray painting

When used for car repairs, it can accurately protect the area to be retained and prevent spray paint from splashing on other parts.

8.Area division: In the workplace or room, you can use duct tape to divide different areas, such as marking walkways, work areas or dangerous areas.

Double-sided cloth tape can be used for fixing carpets, floor mats, and sofa cushions, and can also be used for daily pasting. The usage scenarios are also very wide. Whether it is banquet decoration, stage decoration, or daily home use, cloth-based double-sided tape can give you a satisfactory sticking experience. It is also suitable for carton sealing, heavy object bundling, carpet fixing, temporary repair, building sealing and waterproofing, etc.

cloth tape

Why is double-sided cloth tape so outstanding?

Because double-sided cloth tape has the following advantages:

1.No residual glue left

Double-sided cloth tape is composed of a double-sided cloth base material and pressure-sensitive adhesive. The cloth base part is made of double-filament Dutch weaving, which leaves no residual glue after being torn off, eliminating the trouble of removing the residual glue.

2.Strong stickiness

Double-sided cloth tape has strong adhesiveness and can firmly hold the paste in place.

3.Not easy to break

Double-sided cloth tape has strong toughness, is very tensile, not easy to break, and is resistant to aging.

4.Rough surface bonding

The adhesive tape with high coating capacity ensures the strong bonding ability of the tape on rough surfaces.

5.Good flexibility

Good flexibility, widely used in high-intensity operations.

How to use double-sided cloth tape? The following will teach you.


1.Clean the pasting surface;

2.Paste the tape on the surface and determine the length according to your needs;

3.Tear off the release paper on the surface of the tape;

4.Align and cover the objects to be pasted.

What is the best double-sided cloth tape?

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