Release Date: 2024-05-27
What equipment is needed for the tape back-end processing factory?

Die-cutting machine is also called beer machines, CNC stamping machines. It’s mainly used for die-cutting (full-cut, half-cut, etc.) cutting), indentation and hot stamping operations, lamination, and automatic waste removal. The die-cutting machine uses steel knives, hardware molds, steel wires (or templates carved from steel plates), and exerts a certain amount of pressure through the embossing plate to cut the printed matter or Cardboard is rolled and cut into a certain shape.

The working principle of the die-cutting machine is to use die-cutting knives, steel knives, hardware molds, steel wires (or templates carved from steel plates), and apply a certain amount of pressure through the embossing plate to cut the printed matter or cardboard into a certain shape. If the entire printed product is pressed into a single graphic product, it is called die-cutting; if a steel wire is used to press out marks or bent grooves on the printed product, it is called indentation; if two templates, yin and yang, are used, the mold is Heating to a certain temperature and hot-printing a pattern or font with a three-dimensional effect on the surface of the printed product is called hot stamping; if one base material is used to laminate on another base material, it is called lamination; excluding the remaining parts other than the genuine product is called hot stamping. To eliminate waste; the above can be collectively referred to as die-cutting technology.

die-cutting machine

1. Multi-station rotary die-cutting machine (round knife die-cutting machine)

Scope of application:

It can die-cut various shapes of single- and double-sided self-adhesive products, protective films, foams, gaskets, dust-proof nets, copper and aluminum foil and other products. It can form multi-layer composite products at one time with remarkable results.

Performance features:

1) The system adopts PLC control and touch screen operation interface

2) Each die-cutting station is driven independently by a servo system, with good synchronization performance and an accuracy of ±0.15mm.

3) The retracting and unwinding reel adopts air expansion shaft and servo motor tension to be fully controlled.

4) It has the function of automatic detection of material breakage and no material when rewinding and unwinding.

5) With recipe function, users can access up to 200 recipes.

6) Independently developed fully automatic function software to achieve sensorless fully automatic tension control of the reel and high-precision synchronous control of the tool holder and spindle.

7) The machine wall panels and tool holder side panels are made of imported aviation aluminum, with high processing precision, beautiful appearance, and will not rust.

8) The main force-bearing parts are made of imported materials to ensure the durability and stability of the equipment.

Multi-station rotary die cutting machine (round knife die cutting machine)

2. Flat die cutting machine (flat knife die cutting machine)

Product Description:

1.It can be used independently before and after multiple lamination and waste discharge functions. The design with automatic tension control motor allows the product to be successfully completed in one go during multiple lamination and waste discharge processes.

2.New oil circuit design: The main engine adopts automatic oil supply and recovery design. There is no obvious oil accumulation in the body, ensuring that the dust-free workshop will not be polluted by oil leakage.

3.High-precision, ultra-stable real-time mechanical positioning error correction can make up for the accumulated errors of the servo system, ensuring accurate and stable long-term operation of multiple laminations and multiple die-cuttings.

4.The multi-functional combination can be freely combined with F series single-seat or double-seat die-cutting machines; freely combined with laminating and waste discharge equipment.

Scope of application:

1.Adhesive products:various electronic special rubber pads,silicone stickers, Velcro, conductive adhesive, strong double-sided tape, 3M, Sony special adhesive stickers, backlight screens and other electronic industries, IT industry membrane switches, automobile manufacturing Adhesive products used in the industry.

2.Dust-proof materials: cosmetic cotton, camera cotton, high-density sponge, filter cotton, dust-proof net, non-woven fabric.

3.Shockproof products: pull-back rubber pads, rubber, transparent foot pads, PORON pads, 3M, flame-retardant EVA, high foaming.

4.Insulation EMI: arson paper, aluminum foil, copper foil, PVC, PET, kraft paper, sponge sheath, pearl sheath.

5.Heat-resistant insulation materials: silicone sheets, transparent mica sheets, fiber cloth, insulation cotton (cloth).

Flatbed Die Cutting Machine (Flat Knife Die Cutting Machine)

3. Characteristics of high-performance die-cutting machines

Die cutting machine performance depends on the following aspects:

1.Is the die-cutting pressure stable during the die-cutting process?

2.Whether the material is balanced before and after walking?

3.Is the material compounded on the machine good? How many materials can be used for compounding?

4.Parallelism between the pulling axis and the pressing axis on the machine?

5.Does the machine vibrate when working

Die-cutting tape

4. Development Trend of Die-cutting Machines

Development Trend of Circular Knife Machine:

The key to the circular knife die-cutting machine is how to better control the material tension and how to choose the waste discharge method more effectively. This not only tests our die-cutting technology, but also tests our die-cutting experience. In terms of controlling the material tension and selecting the waste discharge method, the circular knife die-cutting machine has sufficient auxiliary tension shafts and is flexible in use, so it has advantages over the flat-knife die-cutting machine in this aspect. To put it simply, the round knife die-cutting machine can completely discharge the waste and complete the reverse pasting on the machine, while the flat knife die-cutting machine requires manual reverse pasting.

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