Release Date: 2024-07-09
What Can Be Stuck With Strong Double-Sided Tape?

In our daily life, transparent glue is widely used. Transparent glue has re-peelability, high tensile strength, long-lasting adhesion, and is water-resistant and high-temperature resistant. Therefore, it is loved and recognized by people in our daily life, and It is also widely used. There are many types of transparent double-sided tape on the market, such as high-transparent double-sided tape. In fact, transparent tape is not only used to bond things in our factory life. If used properly, it will bring great benefits to our lives. Great convenience, follow the editor to learn about several wonderful uses of highly transparent double-sided tape.


Several wonderful uses of highly transparent double-sided tape

1. Single-sided pasting

This is the most common use. It is generally used when books, papers, etc. are torn. It is used to glue the torn parts together on the surface. Sometimes it is also seen in packaging boxes, bundling objects, etc.

When there are small objects such as dust stuck to the clothes we wear, we can use transparent tape to remove them by repeatedly pasting them on the surface of the clothes.

2. Double-sided pasting

Although transparent tape is a single-sided object, we can manually change it to double-sided adhesive tape, which functions as a double-sided tape. It mainly sticks one object to the surface, and then sticks the other side to another object. If you paste a telephone list paper on the surface of the wall, you can usually use double-sided tape. If you only have transparent tape, this method is the first choice.

Production method: Open the transparent tape along the adhesive line, then cut a strip about 2cm wide (the size can be adjusted as you like), then cut off the part and fold it in the opposite direction along the sticky side. The two ends overlap by about 0.5cm (the size can be adjusted as you like). At this time, the double-sided tape is ready. Stick it on the back of a telephone watch, and then stick it on the wall or other surface. Note that you can stick homemade double-sided tape on the four corners of the back of the phone meter to make it easier to stick to the wall surface.

3. Making the handle

It is often used to place objects in a box and then seal it with transparent tape. If the box does not have handles, you can use transparent tape, leave an extra part on the top of the box, fold it back and forth several times, and fold it into an arc and pinch it together.

Production method: Use transparent tape to stick along one side of the box to the opposite side, leave a section at the top (the length can be set appropriately according to the size of the box), paste it to the opposite side, repeatedly paste a few strips, and then stick the box in the same way The other two sides are arranged in a cross shape at the top for easy carrying. Note: If the box is smaller and lighter, you can stick only 2 sides to make it look like a flower basket carrying hands.

4. Remove handwriting skillfully

When you write with a ballpoint pen or fountain pen and make a mistake, the eraser cannot be removed. At this time, transparent tape can help you remove it.

Instructions for use: Use scissors to cut a piece of transparent tape about 0.5cm in size, then face the sticky side where the typo is written, press it down gently, and then lift it up again. Repeat several times to remove the typo. Note that when gluing, do not paste it to other correct fonts. Try to make the contact area with the font as small as possible, and repeat the gluing several times.

The main features of highly transparent double-sided tape

It is made of transparent PET and BOPP film as the base material, and is made of modified acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive coated on both sides. It uses white silicone-treated release paper as the release paper, which is thinner and more uniform than tissue paper tape. It is transparent and does not absorb moisture, has long-lasting adhesion, and has good water resistance, steam resistance, UV protection and aging resistance.

The above are the several wonderful uses of highly transparent double-sided tape and its characteristics that the editor has summarized. I believe that through the above description, everyone has a better understanding of high-transparent double-sided tape. In our daily lives, we must be good at discovering its versatility. In this case, it is not limited to one of its functions, but also It has other functions, which will bring great convenience to our lives. I sincerely hope that the above content will be of some help to everyone, and I wish you all a happy life

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