Release Date: 2024-07-08
How to Choose the Right Double-Sided Tape Step By Step?

Speaking of double-sided tape brands, there are many on the market, but double-sided tape brands with good reputation and guaranteed products still need to be carefully compared to determine.
The same is true when choosing double-sided tape, you need to shop around according to your own needs, and choose a double-sided tape with guaranteed quality and environmental protection, so that you can use it more assured!
There are many types of double-sided tape and a wide range of applications, but because the adhesive materials used in each type of double-sided tape are different, the field of application of each type of adhesive is different,
and the so-called art industry has a specialty. Therefore, when buying double-sided tape, you should not only choose the brand, but also choose according to the function used!
Double-sided tape is a very practical invention in modern society, whether it is a mobile phone, computer, etc. in the electronic market, or the appearance of decorative strips and parts in the automobile market,
and then to the hook, furniture, toys, etc. in the home market, double-sided tape plays an irreplaceable role.

How to Choose the Right Double-Sided Tape Step By Step?

1. Smell the smell.

The qualified tape produced by the regular manufacturer is odorless. If you find a sour smell when you buy adhesive tape, don't buy it. Because the retention of this tape is very poor, especially in a low temperature environment, the tape is easy to crack and will soon lose its adhesiveness, and this tape must be an inferior product.

2. Look at the brightness of the film and feel the thickness of the film.

The color of inferior double-sided tape products will be much darker than that of qualified tape, and if you touch it by hand, generally inferior tape will be harder, and because the film is thicker, the actual number of meters will definitely be reduced. The film of a good tape is relatively soft and has good tensile properties. Therefore, the brightness and thickness of the tape film are two very important indicators, which must be observed with caution.

3. Look at the color of the double-sided tape.

The whiter the appearance color of the transparent tape, the less impurities in the tape, in order to ensure the normal adhesiveness, the tape products below 100 meters have a certain transparency to see the paper tube. Inferior tapes are generally yellowish, and there are irregular white spots on the surface, and there will be impurities or dry marks that cannot be erased when pressed by hand. The manufacturing process of inferior double-sided tape must be very coarse, so the color of the tape will definitely be yellowish, and there are impurities on the surface.


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