Release Date: 2024-06-28
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Anti-Exposure Guide in Summer

What is anti-exposure tape? Can it really prevent exposure?

Recently, the "Me/Too" tag on the Internet has swept the world and the heat continues to rise. Countless brave women have stood up for their rights and interests and stopped being silent lambs. Sexual harassers are easy to prevent, but summer voyeurs are hard to stop. There is always a small group of people with ulterior motives who aim at positions in various public places to peek at the private parts of girls who accidentally expose themselves.

Today we will discuss the issue that every girl should pay attention to in summer: exposure. Whether to dress sexy or conservative is everyone's freedom of dress, but we must always pay attention to the details of anti-exposure. So, which parts are prone to exposure, and how to prevent it?

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What is "exposure"?

According to Wikipedia, exposure refers to the exposure of sensitive parts of a woman's body to others without her knowledge or involuntarily. These sensitive parts include breasts, sexual organs, underwear or panties, etc. In life, the bottom of the skirt and the neckline are the most common exposed parts.


A-line skirts that reach the knees and short skirts that are above the knees are most likely to expose. Many girls only pay attention to the length of the front when buying skirts, but don't forget that the back will also hold up the skirt.

Suggestion: When wearing a skirt of this length, you can use your hands to gently pull the skirt behind you when riding in the elevator or climbing; be especially careful when sitting in the elevator or on the subway. You can refer to the squatting and sitting postures of flight attendants: when squatting, keep your legs together, one leg squatting flat, and the other leg as close as possible to the bottom, and use your hands to flatten the skirt. When sitting, place 2/3 of your buttocks on the chair, and tilt your thighs downward, which is relatively less likely to expose.


Ordinary round-neck T-shirts are also a high-risk area for exposure. It is no longer popular to wear particularly tight T-shirts, but loose T-shirts are more likely to expose, especially when bending over.

Suggestion: When wearing a V-neck or a U-neck with a large opening, you can use anti-exposure tape to fix it, and develop the habit of gently covering the clothes on your chest with your hands when bending over.


Summer cool suspenders are also prone to exposure. In public places such as open-air restaurants, it is easy to see improper anti-exposure measures.


Especially the loose beveled shorts that have been popular in recent years. Although they make your legs look longer, they are easy to expose when you walk.

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Advantages of anti-exposure stickers

No matter what you wear, you may be exposed, so you must pay attention to your own safety. In order to avoid exposure, a small thing can solve the problem - that is the "anti-exposure stickers" that have been popular on the Internet recently. This sticker is safe and worry-free, prevents exposure and refuses embarrassment, is practical and cheap. It can remain sticky even when sweating, making it safer to go out.

It is not an ordinary double-sided tape and will not cause allergies to the skin. When using it, you can stick it directly to the skin after tearing it open, and then stick the collar on it. It fits tightly and will not shift when moving.


1.When wearing a shirt: the side chest is easy to be peeped. You can stick an anti-exposure sticker between the two buttons on the chest without leaving a gap.

2.When wearing suspenders: no longer afraid of slipping. Sticking an anti-exposure sticker is safe and secure.

Product Features

Ordinary tape is not only not breathable when attached to the skin, but also prone to allergies, redness, swelling, and itching. The anti-exposure sticker uses high-quality medical-grade PET transparent double-sided adhesive, which is gentle and does not irritate the skin, is safe and not easy to cause allergies, and helps the skin breathe naturally. You won't feel stuffy even if you use it all day.

The design focuses on convenience and can be attached to clothes or skin at will. After many tests, the optimal ratio formula was confirmed, the traceless high-transparent double-sided design, and it has extremely strong toughness. A thin layer of transparent adhesive paper is not easy to tear off by hand.

After the anti-exposure sticker is attached to clothes and skin, you can hardly feel its existence, and it is very easy to tear it off. Different from ordinary double-sided adhesive, the anti-exposure sticker never leaves glue, and the clothes and skin are still clean.

This anti-exposure sticker has a long-lasting stickiness, is firmly attached, and is not easy to move. After sticking the clothes together, tear them to both sides with both hands, and there is no trace of the clothes being torn apart at all.

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The anti-exposure sticker has a unique high-transparency material and matte effect, making it almost invisible after applying. Just like the double eyelid invisible sticker, it is completely invisible. Whether the clothes are made of cotton, linen, silk, or pure cotton, the anti-exposure sticker can be used. It is suitable for all kinds of clothing materials and can be easily adhered to human skin.

All kinds of fabrics and all kinds of clothing types are no problem. Suspenders, T-shirts, shirts, large V-neck collars, wrinkle-prone clothes, etc., can be fixed with one sticker. Not only can it be fixed directly on the clothes, but also the clothes can be fixed to the body. There is no need to worry about exposure when the range of motion is large.

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