Release Date: 2024-03-13
An Article for Better Understanding Double Sided Tape (Attaching manufacturer and Part Number )

Double-sided Tape : This kind of tape is coated with different glues on both sides of different base materials to form double-sided tapes with various viscosity and functions . Suitable for applications in electronic products , electrical appliance manufacturing , composite materials , leather , paper , glass , organic glass , plastic products , sponges , films, batteries, automobiles , decorative materials and other industries . The better double-sided tape brands in the world include 3M , Tesa , Nitto , Yousan and so on .


Double-sided tape series products:

Double-sided Tissue Tape : Double-sided Tissue Tape is  industrial adhesive tape made of tissue paper as the base material, evenly coated with high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, and then compounded with release paper . It has anti-rebound (better than other double-sided tapes, especially suitable for arc surface pasting), anti-warping, high temperature resistance, strong adhesion, and strong adhesion to various material surfaces. Due to its high cost performance and wide range of uses, it can be used in almost all industries.


Bonding of rubber strips and plastics in the rubber and plastics industry.

In the papermaking industry, the joining process of manual splicing process, super rolling process, resin coating process and roll change .

of low surface energy PP and PE plastic home appliance display panels.

Suitable for bonding nameplates, buttons, foot pads, refrigerator evaporators and control panels.

Double sided Tissue Tape 3M 9448A     Double sided Tissue Tape 3M 9448A

 Double sided Tissue Tape Tesa 8644   Double sided Tissue Tape Tesa 8644

Double sided Tissue Tape NittoGA608   Double sided Tissue Tape NittoGA608

Double Sided Tape Tissue Tape Yousan P3115A   Double Sided Tape Tissue Tape Yousan P3115A


Transfer Double-sided Tape : Transfer double-sided tape is made by evenly coating high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on release paper . It has excellent bonding effect, good weather resistance, good temperature resistance, good water resistance, can prevent falling off and deformation, and is easy to punch and die- cut .


1.Soft board FPC: used in mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, digital cameras, LCM and other electronic products.

2.Membrane switch: including flexible, rigid, concave and convex membrane switches.

3.Anti-shock foam: good initial viscosity and maintaining viscosity, high cohesion and good plasticization resistance.

Transfer double-sided tape 3M467MP    Transfer double-sided tape 3M467MP

Transfer double-sided tape tesa4985   Transfer double-sided tape tesa4985

Transfer double-sided tape nitto591   Transfer double-sided tape nitto591

Double Sided Transfer Tape

Transfer double-sided tape yousan P3306N


PET double-sided tape : PET double-sided tape is made of PET film as the base material and coated on both sides with special acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive . It has excellent adhesion, good initial tack and maintaining tack, good high humidity resistance, excellent aging resistance, excellent high and low temperature shear resistance, strong tensile strength and other characteristics.


1.Electronic products: used for pasting backlight modules, fixing and pasting electronic and electrical components, dust screens, LED reflective molds and other parts. Temporary fixation of mobile phone parts.

2.Home appliance industry : bonding and fixing of nameplates and membrane switches. The module is fixed with protective film.

3.New energy: new energy vehicles, energy storage batteries.

PET double sided tape 3M9495LE   PET double sided tape 3M9495LE

PET double - sided tape tesa88663MP   PET double - sided tape tesa88663MP

PET double-sided tape nitto56010   PET double-sided tape nitto56010

PET double-sided tape yousan P3217APET double-sided tape yousan P3217A


- PVC double-sided tape : PVC double-sided tape is made of PVC as the base material, coated with acrylic glue on both sides, and then compounded with release film/ release paper . It has good softness, good ductility, suitable for sticking on uneven surfaces, temperature resistance, and moisture resistance, and is suitable for rough surfaces, non-tough surfaces , and various material surfaces ( PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PC, aluminum, steel) All have better adhesion.


1.bonding between heat-resistant lenses and fixed plates on the exterior of automobiles.

2.Paste furniture modules and decorative parts.

PVC double sided tape 3M55280   PVC double sided tape 3M55280

PVC double-sided tape tesa4963   PVC double-sided tape tesa4963

PVC double sided tape yousan P3425   PVC double sided tape yousanP3425

Non-flammable Double-sided Tape: Non-flammable double-sided tape is made of tissue(non-woven)/ PET film , double-sided coated with flame-retardant acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive ,or transfer tape (non-substrate) flame retardant tape. It has high flame retardancy, fire protection, high adhesion, good adhesion, and good adhesion to a variety of materials.


1.Flat pasting , assembly and die -cutting of mobile phones, tablets, car body interior foam , fabric , and battery pack components .

2.New energy car seat cushions, car interior foam paste , car seat cushions and other pastes.

3.Wire harness packaging, 60/80 ℃ resistant to curved surfaces.

Flame retardant double sided tape nitto5011NFlame retardant double sided tape nitto5011N

Flame retardant double sided tape yousan P3110FFlame retardant double sided tape yousan P3110F

- Hot melt adhesive film : Hot melt adhesive film is made of TPU/EVA and other thermoplastic colloid composite release films . It has excellent adhesion, solvent-free, good thickness consistency, and easy processing.


Used in composite materials, plastics and metals, as well as fabric composites, sponge composites, insole composites, underwear, clothing accessories and other products.

Hot melt adhesive film 3M583Hot melt adhesive film 3M583

Hot melt tape tesa 64620Hot melt tape tesa 64620

Hot melt adhesive film yousan P3600UHot melt adhesive film yousan P3600U

PE foam double-sided tape : PE foam double-sided tape is made of PE foam as the base material, coated on both sides with high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and composite release film/ release paper . It has excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, cushioning, sealing and superior adhesion.


1.Electronic market: mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, mechanical panels, membrane switches, AR glasses , etc.

2.Automobile market: car logos , car ornaments, etc.

PE foam double-sided tape 3M4462PE foam double-sided tape 3M4462

PE foam double-sided tape tesa 62932PE foam double-sided tape tesa62932

PE foam double-sided tape yousan P3910PE foam double-sided tape yousan P3910

EVA foam double-sided tape : EVA foam double-sided tape is made of EVA foam as the base material, coated on both sides with high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and composite release film/ release paper . It has excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, cushioning, sealing and superior adhesion.


1.Automobile market: automobile decoration, automobile parts, etc.

2.Home market: hooks, furniture, toys, handicrafts, daily necessities, wire ducts, etc.

EVA foam double-sided tape yousan P5130EVA foam double-sided tape yousan P5130

Waterproof foam tape : Waterproof foam tape is made of high-strength closed-cell waterproof foam as the base material, coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on the top and bottom to form a three-layer structural adhesive layer, and then covered with release film or release paper . Become. It has super waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, cushioning, solvent resistance and excellent weather resistance.


1.of mobile phones, PADs and other electronic products.

2.Bonding and fixing of internal parts of electronic products.

3.Products with high waterproof requirements such as phones and watches.

Double-sided acrylic foam tape tesa 61053Double-sided acrylic foam tape tesa 61053

waterproof foam tape yousan P5315B waterproof foam tape yousan P5315B


Acrylic double-sided tape : Acrylic reinforced tape is made of acrylic foam glue as the base material, coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on the top and bottom to form a three-layer structural adhesive layer, and then covered with release film or release paper . It has super viscosity, excellent shock-proof cushioning, excellent water resistance and air tightness, good sound insulation, UV resistance, solvent resistance, resilience and high tensile strength.


1.Automotive industry: assembly and decoration of various automobiles, new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, etc.

2.Solar photovoltaic industry: solar photovoltaic cells sealing and fixing; module fixing, assembly fixing and sealing.

3.Elevator industry: bonding of stiffeners, mirrors, decorative panels and other fixed parts.

4.Electronics industry: adhesive fixation, sealing and waterproofing for various electronic products (mobile phones, tablets, drones), home appliance processing and assembly.

5.Construction industry: Provides super strong adhesion and dust-proof sealing for glass curtain walls, door and window assembly, elevators, etc., and provides thermal insulation, connection, bundling, waterproofing, repair, sealing, etc. for building construction.

6.Advertising industry: various advertisements, street signs, logo nameplates, nameplates, mark adhesion, etc. fixed.

Acrylic foam double-sided tape tesa 6701Acrylic foam double-sided tape tesa 6701

Acrylic reinforced double-sided tape yousan PLA30100Acrylic reinforced double-sided tape yousan PLA30100

3M VHB Tape 49203M VHB Tape 4920

Polyimide double-sided tape : Polyimide double-sided tape is based on polyimide film, coated on both sides with high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive , and then compounded or double- sided with fluoroplastic release film. It is made of single-sided composite fluoroplastic release film . It has high coating accuracy (±2.5um), no scratches, drawing, etc. on the appearance, good shearability, easy die -cutting, and excellent high temperature resistance and solvent resistance.


1.Shield and protect gold fingers during printed circuit board ( PCB), SMT tin furnace, and wave soldering processes.

2.High-end electrical appliance insulation protection and lithium battery positive and negative electrode fixation.

3.Weld mask protection.

Polyimide tape 3M7416YPolyimide tape 3M7416Y

KAPTON polyimide tape nitto P-221KAPTON polyimide tape nitto P-221

Polyimide double-sided tape yousan P120-50DSPolyimide double-sided tape yousan P120-50DS

Fiberglass thermal conductive tape : Fiberglass thermal conductive tape is made of glass fiber cloth as the base material and coated with high thermal conductivity acrylic glue . It has high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, good adhesion, and good insulation properties.


1.Secure the CPU and heat sink or heatsink.

2.Fix the LED light strip, base plate and rack.

3.Secure electronic components and heat sink.

Thermal conductive tape 3M8810Thermal conductive tape 3M8810

Fiberglass thermal conductive tape Fiberglass thermal conductive tape

yousan P 8010

Conductive cloth double-sided tape : Conductive cloth double-sided tape is first electroplated on the polyester fiber Polyester material with a highly conductive copper layer, and then electroplated on the copper layer with anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion nickel metal. The copper and The combination of nickel provides excellent conductivity and good electromagnetic wave shielding effect, and is then backed with conductive glue on both sides. It has good conductivity, excellent shielding effect, good anti-friction performance, good metal bonding force, good Z-direction conductivity, good processability, soft texture, no burrs when cut , and anti-fingerprint dirt. Antioxidant treatment and other properties.


It is suitable for various electronic and electrical products such as computers, mobile phones, wires, cables, etc. It is mainly used to shield or isolate the interference of electromagnetic waves or wireless radio waves during high-frequency transmission.

Double-sided conductive Gray Non-woven tape tesa 60262Double-sided conductive Gray Non-woven tape tesa 60262

Conductive cloth double sided tape yousan P0405DConductive cloth double sided tape yousan P0405D

- OCA optical glue : OCA optical adhesive is made of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive as the main component and a composite release film on the top and bottom . It has excellent optical properties/acid-free, good compatibility with functional sheet materials (ITO, AgNW , etc.), excellent reliability, and good step difference absorption .


1.The LCD module and TP are fully integrated.

2.TSP laminating (G/F/F, G/F, P/F, etc.), explosion-proof film laminating, optical compensation film, polarizer laminating.

OCA optical clear tape tesa 88708OCA optical clear tape tesa 88708

Optical clear tape nitto LUCIACS CS986Optical clear tape nitto LUCIACS CS986

CA optical glue yousan P-DB606CA optical glue yousan P-DB606

Butyl rubber double-sided tape

an environmentally friendly, solvent-free, lifelong non-curing self-adhesive waterproof sealant produced through a special process using butyl rubber as the main material and a variety of other environmentally friendly additives. It is an advanced environmentally friendly Type waterproof sealing material. It can maintain permanent flexibility and adhesion, can withstand a certain degree of displacement and deformation, has good followability, has excellent waterproof sealing and chemical corrosion resistance, is resistant to aging, weathering, and has strong UV (sunlight) resistance. .

It is easy to use, accurate in dosage, reduces waste, and has excellent cost performance .


Steel structure installation, solar panels, resin panels, endurance panels, PC panels, lighting tiles, curtain wall waterproof sealing, waterproof breathable membrane, greenhouse keel installation, etc.

Butyl rubber double-sided tape tesa 58473Butyl rubber double-sided tape tesa 58473

Butyl rubber double-sided tape yousan P3711Butyl rubber double-sided tape yousan P3711

Cloth(Fabric) double-sided tape : Cloth tape is made of fabric that has been coated with hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive or rubber after lamination, release, and other treatments. It has the characteristics of good tearability , high bonding strength, waterproof and leakproof, good initial adhesion, and high tensile strength.


Suitable for carton sealing , heavy object bundling, carpet fixing, temporary repair, building sealing and waterproofing, etc.

Cloth (Fabric) double-sided tape tesa 4964Cloth (Fabric) double-sided tape tesa 4964

Cloth (Fabric) double-sided tape double-sided tape yousan P1425DCloth (Fabric) double-sided tape double-sided tape yousan P1425D

Fiber tape: Fiber tape is made of transparent PET film/PP film as the base material, reinforced with reinforced stripes/grid fibers, and then coated with synthetic rubber or hot melt adhesive on both sides. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good wear resistance, no adhesive residue when removed, and good flexibility.


1.New energy industry : lithium battery packaging, fixation and assembly bundling.

2.General applications : sealing cargo boxes, sealing heavy-duty cartons and sealing and fixing heavy moving objects.

3.Metal industry : coil sealing and steel bundling.

4.Home appliance industry: fixed packaging of large electrical appliances, fixing of electrical circuits and temporary fixing of moving parts of electrical appliances.

Fiber double-sided tape tesa 4934Fiber double-sided tape tesa 4934

Fiber double-sided tape yousan P1208Fiber double-sided tape yousan P1208

Thermal conductive adhesive film without base material: Thermal conductive adhesive film without base material is a white adhesive film made of a special high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive , and then covered with a release film . It has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, high insulation, excellent softness, conformability, and good initial tack.


1.Secure the CPU and heat sink or heatsink.

2.Fix the LED light strip, base plate and rack.

3.Secure electronic components and heat sink.

Baseless thermal conductive tape tesa 60742Baseless thermal conductive tape tesa 60742

Thermal conductive adhesive film without base material yousan P8125Thermal conductive adhesive film without base material yousan P8125

Glass cloth tape : Glass cloth tape is made of high-performance glass cloth as the base material, coated with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive or acrylate. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high breakdown voltage resistance, strong adhesion, high tensile strength, and good insulation.


Class H heat-resistant insulating binding.

high-temperature sandblasting protection and lithium-manganese battery insulation wrapping.

Insulation, bundling and permanent protection of coils, motors and transformers.

Heavy duty, high temperature equipment or air conditioning contactors. Surface protection in powder coating.

Repair and reinforced insulation of mine equipment.

Glass cloth tape 3M 398FRGlass cloth tape 3M 398FR

Glass cloth aluminum foil tape tesa 68000PV1Glass cloth aluminum foil tape tesa 68000PV1

Glass cloth tape yousan P0828Glass cloth tape yousan P0828

Various double-sided tape die-cut products:

die cuttingdie cutting

3m die cutting 3m die cutting

3m die cutting 3m die cutting


3M 9448A、3M 9448AB、3M 55236、3M 9080HL、3M 9075、3M 9448HK、3M 9448HKB、3M 99786、3M 9080A、3M 9988EG、3M 9077、3M 9888T3M 93010、3M 93015、3M 93020、3M 93027、3M 9495MP、3M 9495B、3M 9495LE、3M 55256P、3M 55261P、3M 55257P、3M 55260、3M GTM705P、3M GTM708P、3M GTM710P、3M GTM715P、3M GTM720P、3M GTM725P、3M 55256、3M 55261B、3M 55257B、3M 55260B、3M GTM705BP、3M GTM708BP、3M GTM710BP、3M GTM715BP、3M GTM720BP、3M GTM725BP、3M 9628FL、3M 9628BP、3M 9629PCP、3M 9629BP、3M GI610、3M 92015、3M 94210、3M 94215、3M 94220、3M 97953M 467、3M 468、3M 9079、3M 9471LE、3M 9471、3M 9472LE、3M 9472、3M 9672LE、3M 9672、3M 9502、3M 9505、3M 9465PC、3M 9453、3M 9653、3M 966、3M 9626PC3M 5906、3M 5907、3M 5908、3M 5909、3M 5913、3M 5915、3M 5925、3M 5930、3M 5952、3M 5962、3M 5980-15、3M 5980-02、3M 5980-025、3M 5980-030、3M 5981-02、3M 5981-025、3M 5981-03、3M 5981-035、3M 5981-04、3M 4914-015、3M 4914-02、3M 4914-25、3M 4920、3M 4930、3M 4950、3M 4955、3M 4959、3M 9460、3M 9469、3M 9473、3M 5604A-GF、3M 5608N-GF、3M 5611N-GF、3M 5604N-GP、3M 5608N-GP、3M 5611N-GP、3M 5604N-WP、3M 5608N-WP、3M 5611N-WP、3M GPL-040GF、3M GPL-060GF、3M GPL-080GF、3M GPL-110GF、3M GPL-160GF、3M GPL-200GF、3M GPH-060GF、3M GPH-110GF、3M GPH-160GF、3M LSE-060WF、3M LSE-110WF、3M LSE-160WF、3M RP16、3M RP25、3M RP32、3M RP45、3M RP62、3M 4926、3M 4936、3M 4941、3M 4956、3M 86415、3M 86420、3M 86425、3M 86430、3M 4905、3M 4910


nitto 5005P、nitto 5005T、nitto 5010P、nitto 5015E、nitto 5015ELE、nitto 5015EP、nitto 5015P、nitto 5015P-Tr50、nitto 5015T、nitto 5015TP、nitto 5020P、nitto 5025T、nitto 509N、nitto 5350B、nitto 5703LE、nitto 5704LE、nitto 5706LE、nitto 5709LE、nitto 5711LE、nitto 5790、nitto 5790S、nitto 5791、nitto 5933、nitto 595B、nitto 61390、nitto 63746、nitto 64390、nitto D5052、nitto D5306WH、nitto D5318D、nitto 5320D5331、nitto D53805、nitto D53805B、nitto D53810、nitto D53810B、nitto D53815、nitto D53815B、nitto D53820、nitto D53820B、nitto D5395、nitto D5395B、nitto D5399、nitto D5399B、nitto D5952、nitto D5952N、nitto D5952P、nitto D9600、nitto D9605、nitto D9605S、nitto D9608、nitto D9625、nitto DSP1220(60)、nitto EW-514、nitto FB-ML80A 、nitto  FB-ML4、nitto GA606、nitto GA608、nitto GA6310、nitto GA708、nitto GA808、nitto GA835CN、nitto EW-514D、nitto EW-514DB、nitto HF-105E、nitto NITOTAC D-0101、nitto 500、nitto 5000E、nitto 5000N(C)、nitto 5000ND、nitto 5000NS、nitto 5011N、nitto 5015、nitto 501K、nitto 510、nitto 511、nitto 513、nitto 515、nitto 516、nitto 525、nitto 5302A、nitto 530R、nitto 53100、nitto 532、nitto 535A、nitto 541、nitto 5600、nitto 5601、nitto 5603、nitto 56010、nitto 5620BWN、nitto 5635、nitto 5680E、nitto 5682E、nitto 5684E、nitto 57115B、nitto  57120B、nitto  57125B、nitto  57130B、nitto 57115SB、nitto  57120SB、nitto  57125SB、nitto  57130SB、nitto o.5713、nitto 57210B、nitto 575、nitto 585、nitto 591、nitto 5915、nitto 512(M)、nitto o.5129、nitto W-5016、nitto -905、nitto F-370、nitto 9400、nitto 9401、nitto 9402、nitto 9406HS、nitto 9410、nitto 9411、nitto 9440、nitto 9440S、nitto 9445RL510、nitto PA Series、nitto W-Y01、nitto TD-10B、nitto  UTD-20B(W)、nitto UTD-30B(W)、nitto 5300、nitto VR-5000、nitto 5311 、nitto  VR-5321


tesa 4322、tesa 4349、tesa 53128、tesa 4338、tesa 4341、tesa 4334、tesa 4342、tesa 50600、tesa 4432、tesa 4434、tesa 4331、tesa 51136、tesa 51407、tesa 4287、tesa 64283、tesa 64284、tesa 64250、tesa 64500、tesa 4298、tesa 64294、tesa 53315、tesa 53314、tesa 4687、tesa 4657、tesa 4651、tesa 53988、tesa 4169、tesa 60973、tesa 51608、tesa 51618、tesa 51036、tesa 60404、tesa 6930、tesa 50565、tesa 7272、tesa 7273、tesa 7274、tesa 7254、tesa 7255、tesa 7282、tesa 7283、tesa 7284、tesa 63605、tesa 63608、tesa 63610、tesa 63612、tesa 63615、tesa 4952、tesa 88661、tesa 88662、tesa 88663、tesa 4972、tesa 4980、tesa 4982、tesa 4928、tesa 4967、tesa 4965、tesa 51966、tesa 68599、tesa 4970、tesa 4968、tesa 88641、tesa 88642、tesa 8864388644、tesa 60996、tesa 51571、tesa 8410、tesa 8402、tesa 8401、tesa 4964、tesa 4934


DIC 8800CH、DIC 8800CHW、DIC 8100CH、DIC 8800DR、DIC 810HD、DIC 815GT、DIC 815AT、DIC 8810SA-120S、DIC 8810SA-160S、DIC 8810SA-200S、DIC 8810SA-BLAKC S、DIC 8840ER、DIC 8840ERS-200、DIC 8810TD、DIC 8810TDR、DIC 810TB、DIC 810TMW-B2、DICAD-140E、DIC 8810NR-TD、DICTCF-150NR、DICTCF-200NR、DIC 8180、DIC 8602TNW-05、DIC 8603TNW-10、DIC 8606TN、DICTN06AIR、DICTN10AIR、DICTN20AIR、DIC 8616S、DIC 8625S、DIC 8650S、DIC 8675S、DIC 86100S、DIC 86188S、DIC 8616V、DIC 8616CH、DIC 86100CH、DIC 8616TDR、DICFRT30、DICFRT50、DICFRT100、DIC 8612EDX-W-30A、DIC 8612EDX-W-50、DIC 8612EDX-W-60、DIC 8612EDX-W-85、DIC 8612EDX-W-100、DICRTS30-S、DICRTS50-S、DICRTS60-S、DICRTS85-S、DIC 8616UJ-50、DIC 8625UJ、DIC 8616UJ Black-50(N)、DIC 8625UJ Black(N)、DIC 8612DFT、DIC 8616DJ-50、DIC 8616DJ Black(N)、DIC 8625HPW、DIC 8616ER-80、DIC 8625ER-140、DIC 8402BLACK-150、DIC 8402BLACK、DIC 84010BLACK、DIC 84015BLACK、DIC 84020BLACK、DIC 84025BLACK、DIC 84030BLACK、DIC 84030SP、DIC 8404BLACK、DIC 8408BLACK、DIC 8412BLACK、DIC 8404TD Black、DICCDW25、DIC 8520FDW-30、DIC 8520FDW-50、DIC 8530AD、DICDSA500-ST、DICDSA800-ST、DICDSA900-ST、DICE-0100LC、DICE-1100LC、DICE-2100LC、DICE-2300ND、DICE20CU、DICE30CU、DICE40CU、DICE50CU、DICE65CU、DICE-5025CF、DIC52050LA、DIC52080LA、DIC52100LA、DIC52050AD


toyobo PD617、toyobo PD615、toyobo  PD616、toyobo UL certified No. MH45156、toyobo TY PD319、toyobo TY PD316 (black)、toyobo TY PEFM0150-B-A1、toyobo JKD A298Y、toyobo  PD617-Y、toyobo  A298Y-2、toyobo PD6720、toyobo PD640-DT、toyobo A298P、toyobo PD298、toyobo PD619、toyobo PD619-25、toyobo PD619-B、toyobo PD619-BDT、toyobo PD641、toyobo PP2-501-L、toyobo PP2-501-L、toyobo PD615-SA、toyobo PD617-SA、toyobo PD615-7、toyobo PD617-6、toyobo PD618、toyobo PD620-B2、toyobo PD618-25B、toyobo PD617-75B、toyobo PD620-B-A3、toyobo PD316-Y、toyobo TY CNF050、toyobo TY FR750-HF、toyobo UL certified No.317637、toyobo TY FR750-20-HF、toyobo  utilized in A product、toyobo TY PD316H


sony NP605、sony G4000、sony G9900、sony T4000


sliontec 5410、sliontec 5422、sliontec 5460、sliontec 5463 、sliontec 5475 、sliontec 5477、sliontec 5480、sliontec 5486、sliontec 5487、sliontec 5490、sliontec 5300、sliontec 5310、sliontec 5320、sliontec 5325、sliontec 5542、sliontec 5544、sliontec 5560、sliontec 5565、sliontec 5567、sliontec 5620、sliontec 5621、sliontec 5622、sliontec 5624、sliontec 5640、sliontec 5662、sliontec 5686


Hitachi 11-572、Hitachi 11-573、Hitachi 11-575、Hitachi 11-578、Hitachi 11-579V、Hitachi 11-583、Hitachi 11-583B、Hitachi 11-586H、Hitachi

11-640T、Hitachi 11-651、Hitachi 11-652、Hitachi 12-541、Hitachi 13-570、Hitachi 13-701-30、Hitachi 13-703-50、Hitachi 13-704-100、Hitachi 13-578、Hitachi 13-710、Hitachi 14-400-3B、Hitachi 14-400-5、Hitachi 14-400-5B、Hitachi 14-400-7、Hitachi 14-400-10、Hitachi 14-400-12B、Hitachi 14-566-12、Hitachi 11-802、Hitachi 10-361-50、Hitachi 10-361-100、Hitachi 13-270、Hitachi 11-432WR、Hitachi XT654-3WR、Hitachi 4861、Hitachi 4865、Hitachi 7910


Bow 3505、Bow 3508、Bow 3510、Bow 3515、Bow 3520、Bow 、Bow 3505B、Bow 3508B、Bow 3510B、Bow 3515B、Bow 3508BD、Bow 3510BD、Bow 3505BW、Bow 3508BW、Bow 3510BW、Bow 1712F、Bow 1712LF、Bow 1725、Bow 398E、Bow 398A、Bow 390、Bow 391、Bow 398EW、Bow 390W、Bow 391W、Bow 110、Bow 110QJ、Bow 110QJB、Bow 110QT、Bow 110QN、Bow 300NHK、Bow 353、Bow 355、Bow 357、Bow 350R、Bow 3506X、Bow 110P、Bow 110PE、Bow 110PJ、Bow 110PC、Bow 110PC-1、Bow 300N、Bow 1718、Bow 350B、Bow 380、Bow 382、Bow 7025WE、Bow 704WE、Bow 706W、Bow 708W、Bow 711W、Bow 716W、Bow 720W、Bow 730W、Bow 706WL、Bow 711WL、Bow 7025GE、Bow 704GE、Bow 706G、Bow 708G、Bow 708GE、Bow 711G、Bow 716G、Bow 720G、Bow 723G、Bow 706GL、Bow 711GL、Bow 702BE、Bow 704BE、Bow 706B、Bow 708B、Bow 711B、Bow 715B、Bow 720B、Bow 706BL、Bow 711BL、Bow 720BL


yousan P3112A、yousan P3115A、yousan P3115A+、yousan P3105H、yousan P3110H、yousan P3112H、yousan P3114H、yousan P3116H、yousan P3112N、yousan P3114N、yousan P3116N、yousan P3100G、yousan P3100G1、yousan P3110、yousan P3112、yousan P3114、yousan P3116、yousan P3305、yousan P3306H、yousan P3306N、yousan P3310、yousan P3313、yousan P3313H、yousan P3313N、yousan P3205A、yousan

P3205A+、yousan P3210A、yousan P3210A+、yousan P3210AA、yousan P3215A、yousan P3217A、yousan P3203G/B、yousan P3205G/B、yousan P3208G/B、yousan P3210G/B、yousan P3213G/B、yousan P3216G/B、yousan P3220G/B、yousan P3208M

P3210M、yousan P3216M、yousan P3220M、yousan P3220LM、yousan P3200、yousan P3205AB、yousan P3208AB、yousan P3210AB

P3213AB、yousan P3214AB、yousan P3423、yousan P3425、yousan P3432、yousan P3110F、yousan P3112F、yousan P3113F

P3115F、yousan P3116F、yousan P3306F、yousan P3310F、yousan P3205F、yousan P3213F、yousan P3220F、yousan P3600U、yousan

P3600UH、yousan PLA3025、yousan PLA3040、yousan PLA3050、yousan PLA3064、yousan PLA3080、yousan PLA30100

PLA30110、yousan PLA30120、yousan PLA30150、yousan P3910、yousan P3920、yousan P3930、yousan P3950、yousan P3980、yousan P39100、yousan P39120、yousan P39150、yousan P5130、yousan P5150、yousan P5180、yousan P51100、yousan P51120、yousan P51150、yousan P51200、yousan P51300、yousan P39200、yousan P39300、yousan P5315B、yousan P5320B、yousan P5325B、yousan P5330B

P5340B、yousan P5315GY、yousan P5320GY、yousan P5325GY、yousan P5340GY、yousan P5350GY、yousan P5330BT

P5340BT、yousan P5310S、yousan P5320S、yousan P5330S、yousan P5350S、yousan P5220、yousan P5230、yousan P5240、yousan P5250、yousan P5260、yousan P5270、yousan P5280、yousan P52100、yousan P52120、yousan P52150、yousan P52200、yousan P120-50DS、yousan P205-75DS、yousan P205-100DS、yousan P705-150DS、yousan P505-200DS、yousan P709-200DS、yousan

P0801、yousan P0802、yousan P0818、yousan P0820、yousan P0823、yousan P0828、yousan P8010、yousan P8015、yousan P8020、yousan

P8025、yousan P8030、yousan P8035、yousan P8040、yousan P8050、yousan P8070、yousan P8105、yousan P8110、yousan P8115

P8120、yousan P8125、yousan P8130、yousan P8138、yousan P8140、yousan P8150、yousan P0403、yousan P0405、yousan P0407、yousan P0408、yousan P0410、yousan P0412、yousan P0415、yousan P0420、yousan P0426、yousan P0405D、yousan P0408D、yousan P0410D

P0412D、yousan P0415D、yousan P0420D、yousan P1201、yousan P1201W、yousan P1212、yousan P1214、yousan P1216

P1218、yousan P1239、yousan P1208、yousan P1415、yousan P1419、yousan P1425、yousan P1430、yousan P1425D、yousan P1430D、yousan

P-DB606、yousan P-DB607、yousan P-DB608、yousan P-DB610、yousan P-6015、yousan P-6025、yousan P-6050、yousan P-6125、yousan P-6175、yousan P3711


FY417MP、FY418MP、FY419MP、FO5116、FK6016、FY5000、FYJ014B、L171、L1228、FB1505、 FB6505、FBD805、FC2210、FC6212、FC7212、FYT-3T905HT、3T908HT、3T910HT、3T915HT、FLA5080GB、 FLA5064GB、FLA5150GB、FLA5120GB


DSTT-10、SAT-010、SAT-010、SDK2293X2、SDK7100-10M、SDK8108M、、SDK8110H、SDK8121OHP、SDK8121OP-R9、SDK81210P-R9、SAT-008、SDK81308SP、R1、SDK K01P、SDKTA101P-2、SDK8010、DS-10z、SA2-010、SA3-010、DST-10、DST-10B、DST-10-CDST-10PDST-10、DST-10、DST8110B、SDK8215、SDK8215H、DST-15DST-15B、DST-16、STP-O3XM、SDK8116-12、DSTT-15N、DS-16SA-016、SDK820B、DST-20

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