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YOUSAN specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of adhesive tapes for various industries. Our expertise spans component parts, assembly aids, and end-user products. From the initial concept to production and delivery, our dedicated team is committed to supporting you at every stage. Below, we outline the design and manufacturing process along with the wide range of options available. Our utmost priority is to deliver high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

1. Concept

Identifying Tape Requirements or Challenges

Whether you have a new tape product idea, seek to enhance an existing product, or aim to reduce waste and material costs, YOUSAN is here to assist you. To ensure we meet your needs and design the most innovative and cost-effective solution, please provide our Tape Specialists with a description of the application, including the following information:

Surface Types & Conditions

- Metal: Painted or Polished
- Plastics: Low or High Surface Energy
- Foam or Rubber
- Paper or Corrugated
- Surface Texture: Smooth or Rough
- Surface Contour
- Coated or Uncoated
- Cleanliness

Special Performance Requirements

- Permanent
- Temporary
- Removability
- Peel Strength
- Shear Strength

Environmental Factors

- Temperature Exposure
- Sunlight / UV Exposure
- Chemicals / Solvents
- Moisture

Quantity and Estimated Annual Usage

- Order Quantity
- Estimated Annual Usage

Project Timeline

- Prototype
- Completion of Total Project

2. Product Design

Designing and Testing the Product

YOUSAN's Tape Specialists collaborate with your engineers and designers to provide the ideal materials and adhesives for your product design.

- Samples are available upon request and typically shipped within 1-2 days.
- Assistance with customer prints and drawings is provided, with a turnaround time of 1-2 days.
- We work with CAD files, including DWG & DXF formats, to aid in design creation or modification.
- Digital microscopy enables precise tracing, measurement of parts, and creation of detailed annotated photos.
- Prototypes can be produced and tested.
- Minimum order quantities may apply.
- Special order materials vary depending on the manufacturer.

3. Production

Custom Manufacturing

YOUSAN determines the most suitable converting technology for the material and desired outcomes. Our converting services include rotary and flat bed die cutting, multi-layer laminating, island placement, adhesive free zone, printing, slitting, rewinding, spooling, and sheeting.

- Clean Room Manufacturing is available.
- We offer clean room material processing and packaging.
- Our clean rooms adhere to Class 100,000 standards.
- We have industry-leading lead times.
- Lead times may vary depending on materials availability and production schedules.
- Urgent requests can be accommodated to expedite the process.

4. Delivery

Packaging and Delivery

YOUSAN ensures your product is packaged and delivered according to your specific requirements. For your convenience, we offer various packaging and delivery options for both customers and end users.

- Ship in one large lot or in small releases as per your request.
- Drop ship to your customers to minimize freight costs.
- Drop ship under your label to maintain privacy.
- Freight Terms: FOB SHENZHEN

Inventory Management

YOUSAN provides added flexibility in delivery schedules. Our customers can set up scheduled releases of products throughout the year.

- We offer vendor-managed inventory systems.
- This ensures product availability at the lowest cost for customers.
- Just-in-Time delivery is available.

Turnkey Product Fulfillment

YOUSAN offers customized product fulfillment programs that directly deliver your product to the end user.

- Provide us with your material specifications.
- Provide us with your packaging specifications.
- Provide us with your customer requirements.
- YOUSAN will consolidate everything into one neatly delivered package.

5. Quality Assurance

Quality Control

- All orders are quality guaranteed and undergo thorough inspections at every step, including a final check before shipping.
- Incoming materials are meticulously inspected, tagged, and dated, ensuring the highest manufacturing standards for complete product traceability.
- Our on-site testing facility helps identify potential issues before they arise.
- YOUSAN Tape Solutions adheres to ISO 9001:2015 standards for quality management.

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