Privacy Film

P9400 series is an anti-peek film with special surface treatment and optical display effect of ultra-fine blinds. It has excellent MicroLouver performance (privacy protection), excellent anti-snooping performance (viewing Angle 28 ~ 35°), high Transmittance (Transmittance 60 ~ 70%), different surface treatment can be customized (AG, HC)

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Laptop, mobile phone, MNT display privacy protection; ATM, airline display, car display


Product Code
Technical Parameters
P94295AH P94450AH P94450AS P94360AB P9420
Product name Privacy Film Privacy Film Privacy Film Privacy Film AB Glue Privacy film Substrate
Color Dark Transparent Dark Transparent Dark Transparent Dark Transparent Dark Transparent
Total Thickness [um] 295 450 450 360 200
Direction Of Anti-peep 2WAY 4WAY 4WAY 2WAY 2WAY
Surface Treatment AG/HC AG/HC AG/Si AG/HC -
Angle Of Anti-peep 30D 30D 30D 30D 30D
Transparency[%] 65 50 50 65 65
Surface Hardness >H >H >H >H >H
Haze[%] <40 <40 <40 <40 <40


Specification data

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