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  • What is glass cloth tape

    Glass cloth tape is made of 0.13 thick imported glass cloth coated with high-performance silicone adhesive . The total thickness of the tape is 0.18mm ± 0.02mm.

  • What is PET high temperature tape

    PET high temperature tape is based on polyester film and coated with high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.

  • What is Teflon tape

    PTFE high temperature resistant tape is made of imported polytetrachloroethylene impregnated glass fiber cloth and pure PTFE film as raw materials, coated with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, and processed by special process.

  • What is Kapton tape

    Kapton Tape is a kind of insulating and heat-resistant tape. Polyimide tape with different thickness (0.04-0.18) can be customized according to the pressure resistance requirements of customers.

  • Introduction to Filament tape

    Fiber tape was originally designed to meet the special packaging purpose. It was made of glass fiber compounded with PET/BOP/PVC film substrate. With the continuous expansion of applications, it has been widely used in home appliances, shipping, metals and new energy industries.

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